Wireless Communication Principles

  • Course level: Beginner


Introduction to Wireless Communication (WC), path loss and shadowing, statistical multi-path channel models, the capacity of wireless channels, digital modulation techniques, and their performance analyses in WC.

diversity methods, coding techniques, multicarrier systems, multiple antennas and Spatio-temporal analysis, multi-carrier modulation, spread spectrum analysis, multi-user systems, cellular systems, and wireless networks.


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All the basics you need to get started in Wireless field...
Simple Introduction to wireless mobile communication systems35:05
Wireless Propagation Characteristics: Fading, Power Delay Profile & Doppler Power Spectrum Density54:00
The Capacity of Wireless Flat-Fading Channels42:50
The Capacity of Frequency Selective Wireless Fading Channels53:13
Linear Modulation and Outage Probability over Wireless Fading Channels13:20
Methods for overcoming interference in wireless communication: Equalization and multicarrier designs52:42
Multiple input multiple output (MIMO) in wireless communication: concept and techniques43:45
Adaptive modulation in wireless communication: concept and results00:48:00
Diversity in wireless communication: concept and techniques1:22:52
Spread spectrum and multi-user communication in wireless cellular systems00:51:00
OFDM in Details. Why should you know it? What is it? and What are its merits/advantages & demerits.1:17:00
OFDM Simulation Using Matlab Software: Full Tutorial1:44:36
Wireless Communication Principles – Basics to Advanced

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