Windows Server 2016 Administration

  • Course level: Beginner


Welcome to this course. This course focuses primarily on the installation, storage, and compute features and functionality available in Windows Server 2016. It covers general installation tasks and considerations, and the installation and configuration of Nano Server, in addition to the creation and management of images for deployment.

It also covers local and server storage solutions, including the configuration of disks and volumes, Data Deduplication, High Availability, Disaster Recovery, Storage Spaces Direct, and Failover Clustering solutions.

Windows Server 2016 is a server operating system developed by Microsoft as part of the Windows NT family of operating systems, developed concurrently with Windows 10. The first early preview version (Technical Preview) became available on 1 October 2014 together with the first technical preview of System Center. Windows Server 2016 was released on 26 September 2016 at Microsoft’s Ignite conference and became generally available on 12 October 2016.

Who this course is for:

  1. Computer System Administrator, Network Administrator, Computer Support Specialist
  2. Technical Support, 2nd or 3rd line Support, Service Analyst
  3. Anyone who has the desire to Learn Windows Server 2016

What Will I Learn?

  • Able to Pass the Microsoft 70-740 Installation, Storage and Compute Windows Server 2016 certification exam
  • Installation of Nano Server and Server Core installation
  • Manage all aspects of virtual machine installations

Topics for this course

38 Lessons

Windows Server 2016 Administration

Instructor introduction00:00:00
Downloading and installing virtual box00:00:00
Downloading windows server 201600:00:00
What is a virtual machine00:00:00
Creating a virtual network with virtualbox00:00:00
Configuring the virtual machine00:00:00
Creating a virtual machine with virtualbox00:00:00
Installing windows server 201600:00:00
Basic windows server 2016 configuration00:00:00
how to use windows server 201600:00:00
What is a windows domain and domain controller00:00:00
Adding the active directory domain services role in Windows Server 201600:00:00
Downloading windows 1000:00:00
Installing windows 1000:00:00
Joining our workstation to our domain Windows Server 201600:00:00
What is DHCP Windows Server 201600:00:00
Adding the DHCP Server Role in Windows Server 201600:00:00
DHCP scopes and exclusions00:00:00
DHCP Reservations in Windows Server 201600:00:00
DNS Zones Windows Server 201600:00:00
Creating a DNS Zone00:00:00
Resource record types Windows server 201600:00:00
What is active Directory Windows Server 201600:00:00
Understanding Organizational Units and Containers Windows Server 201600:00:00
Creating and Managing User Accounts Windows Server 201600:00:00
Groups and Memberships Windows Server 201600:00:00
Saved Queries in Windows Server 201600:00:00
What is Group Policy00:00:00
Creating and Managing Group Policy objects GPoS Server 201600:00:00
Group Policy Precedence in Windows Server 201600:00:00
Storing user input into variables with PowerShell Windows Server 201600:00:00
Creating Active Directory user accounts with Powershell part 100:00:00
Creating Active Directory user accounts with PowerShell part 200:00:00
Creating DNS resource records Windows Server 201600:00:00
What is domain name system in Windows Server 201600:00:00
The Hosts file in Windows Server 201600:00:00
Creating Users Accounts from a CSV Spreadsheet with powershell00:00:00
Tips for getting your first and subsequent IT Job00:00:00
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  • A basic understanding of networking fundamentals
  • A basic understanding of networking fundamentals
  • Desire to Learn