Wheeled Mobile Robots the complete guide in 2020

  • Course level: Beginner


Wheeled Mobile Robots.

Upon completion of the course, the students should able to:
• Learn algorithmic approaches, mathematical models, and computational and motion control methods applicable to mobile robotic systems
• Learn basic sensor systems related to state measurements, navigation, and localization.
• Learn different motion planning and navigation schemes related to mobile robots
• Recognize and analyze the basic mechanical and electrical systems concerning robots’ locomotion and manipulation
• Analyze and design the basic mobile robotic systems

Wheeled Mobile Robots

INTENDED AUDIENCE Undergraduate/graduate students interested in mobile robotics


What Will I Learn?

  • Week 1:Introduction to mobile robots and mobile manipulators. Principle of locomotion and types of locomotion. Types of mobile robots: ground robots (wheeled and legged robots), aerial robots, underwater robots and water surface robots.
  • Week 2:Kinematics of wheeled mobile robot, degree of freedom and maneuverability, generalized wheel model, different wheel configurations, holonomic and non-holonomic robots.
  • Week 3: Dynamics of mobile robot: Lagrange-Euler and Newton-Euler methods. Computer based dynamic (numerical) simulation of different wheeled mobile robots.
  • Week 4:Sensors for mobile robot navigation: magnetic and optical position sensor, gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetic compass, inclinometer, tactile and proximity sensors, ultrasound rangefinder, laser scanner, infrared rangefinder, visual and motion sensing systems.
  • Week 5:Robot navigation: Localization, Error propagation model, Probabilistic map based loclaisation, Autonomous map building, Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM).
  • Week 6:Motion and path planning: collision free path planning and sensor-based obstacle avoidance.
  • Week 7: Motion control of mobile robots: Motion controlling methods, kinematic control, dynamic control and cascaded control.
  • Week 8:Introduction to modern mobile robots: Swarm robots, cooperative and collaborative robots, mobile manipulators, autonomous mobile robots.

Topics for this course

47 Lessons

Wheeled Mobile Robots

mod01lec01 – Introduction to Mobile Robots and Manipulators00:00:00
mod01lec02 – Introduction to Locomotion and Types of Locomotion00:00:00
mod01lec03 – Introduction to Mobile Robot Kinematics00:00:00
mod01lec04 – Degree of Maneuverability and Types of Wheels00:00:00
mod01lec05 – Kinematic Simulation of a Mobile Robot (Land-based)00:00:00
mod01lec06 – Kinematic Simulation and Motion Animation of a Mobile Robot (Land-based)00:00:00
mod02lec07 – A Generalized Wheel (Kinematic) Model00:00:00
mod02lec08 – Examples related to the Generalized Wheel (Kinematic) Model00:00:00
mod02lec09 – Holonomic and Non-holonomic Mobile Robots00:00:00
mod02lec10 – Kinematic Simulation of Wheeled Mobile Robots Part 100:00:00
mod02lec11 – Kinematic Simulation of Wheeled Mobile Robots Part 200:00:00
mod02lec12 – Kinematic Simulation of Wheeled Mobile Robots Part 300:00:00
mod03lec13 – Mobile Robot Dynamics – Part 100:00:00
mod03lec14 – Mobile Robot Dynamics – Part 200:00:00
mod03lec15 – Equation of Motion and Dynamic Simulation of a Mobile Robot00:00:00
mod03lec16 – Dynamic Models of Wheeled Mobile Robots with Wheel Configurations00:00:00
mod03lec17 – Dynamic Simulation of Selected Wheeled Mobile Robots00:00:00
mod03lec18 – Kinematic and Dynamic Models of a Mobile base with Four00:00:00
mod04lec19 – Sensing and Perception00:00:00
mod04lec20 – Sensors and Sensing00:00:00
mod04lec21 – Commonly used sensors 100:00:00
mod04lec22 – Commonly used sensors 200:00:00
mod04lec23 – Commonly used sensors 300:00:00
mod04lec24 – Sensor Errors and Error modelling00:00:00
mod05Lec25 – Mobile Robot Localisation00:00:00
mod05lec26 – Map based Localisation00:00:00
mod05lec27 – Markov Localisation00:00:00
mod05lec28 – Kalman Filter Localisation00:00:00
mod05lec29 – SLAM00:00:00
mod06lec30 – Mobile Robot Navigation00:00:00
mod06lec31 – Path Planning: Graph Construction00:00:00
mod06lec32 – Graph Search Methods00:00:00
mod06lec33 – Path Planning and Obstacle avoidance00:00:00
mod07lec34 – Introduction to Motion Control of Mobile Robots Part 100:00:00
mod07lec35 – Introduction to Motion Control of Mobile Robots Part 200:00:00
mod07lec36 – Kinematic control of Land-based Mobile Robots00:00:00
mod07lec37 – Simulation of Land-based Mobile Robots along with Kinematic Control Part 100:00:00
mod07lec38 – Simulation of Land-based Mobile Robots along with Kinematic Control Part 200:00:00
mod07lec39 – Simulation of Land-based Mobile Robots along with Kinematic Control Part 300:00:00
mod07lec40 – Dynamic Control of Mobile Robots00:00:00
mod07lec41 – Cascaded or Back-stepping Control of Mobile Robots00:00:00
mod08lec42 – Modern Robotics and Challenges00:00:00
mod08lec43 – Multiple Mobile Robotic Systems00:00:00
mod08lec44 – Autonomous Mobile Robots and Mobile Manipulators00:00:00
mod08lec45 – Legged and Hybrid Robots00:00:00
mod08lec46 – Underwater and Aerial Robots00:00:00
mod08lec47 – Healthcare Robots00:00:00
Wheeled Mobile Robots

Enrolment validity: Lifetime