Welding Metallurgy

  • Course level: Beginner


The Welding Metallurgy course focuses on understanding the metallurgy and solidification of weldments

The course will present the learners aware of the metallurgical aspects of welding. For preparing a sound weld, the scholars are required to be aware of the science behind the welding phenomena, especially in the field of weld metal solidification, heat transfer, heat treatment processes, strengthening mechanisms, etc.

The course will be useful for engineering graduates as well as professionals working in the area of welding.

What Will I Learn?

  • Week 1: Introduction to welding metallurgy, phase diagrams
  • Week 2: Phase transformation, TTT, and CCT diagrams
  • Week 3: Metal strengthening approaches
  • Week 4: Heat treatment processes for weldments
  • Week 5: Analysis of heat flow and temperature distribution in welding
  • Week 6: Concept of solidification in welding, constitutional supercooling
  • Week 7: Introduction to heat affected zones, Properties of HAZ
  • Week 8: Residual stresses in welding, Preheat and postweld heat treatment
  • Week 9: Types of welding distortion and its control
  • Week 10: Cracks in welds
  • Week 11: Weldability issues in materials
  • Week 12: Welding defects, Design considerations in welding

Topics for this course

60 Lessons

Welding Metallurgy

Welding Metallurgy00:00:00
Introduction to Welding Distortion00:00:00
Types of Welding Distortions00:00:00
Angular Distortions in Welds00:00:00
Bowing, Buckling and Twisting in Welds00:00:00
Control of Distortion in Welds00:00:00
Introduction to welding metallurgy00:00:00
Overview of Welding Processes00:00:00
Introduction to phase diagrams00:00:00
Phase diagram of Iron Carbon system00:00:00
Phase diagram of non ferrous metals and alloys00:00:00
Phase Transformations00:00:00
Time Temperature Transformation Diagrams00:00:00
Continuous Cooling Transformation Diagrams00:00:00
Carbon Equivalent, Schaeffler Diagrams00:00:00
Problem solving on Phase Diagrams00:00:00
Introduction to strengthening mechanism in metals00:00:00
Solid solution strengthening and grain refinement00:00:00
Precipitation Hardening and Martensite Strengthening00:00:00
Strain Hardening and Strain Ageing00:00:00
Problem solving on strengthening mechanism in metals00:00:00
Introduction to Heat treatment Processes in Welding00:00:00
Hardening and Hardenability00:00:00
Martempering and Austempering00:00:00
Case Hardening methods00:00:00
Heat treatment of Non-Ferrous metals and alloys00:00:00
Heat Sources in Welding00:00:00
Heat Flow in Welding00:00:00
Temperature Distribution in Welding00:00:00
Effect of Welding Parameters00:00:00
Metallurgical effect of Heat Flow on Welding00:00:00
Principles of Solidification in Welding00:00:00
Solute redistribution during Solidification00:00:00
Constitutional Supercooling00:00:00
Microsegregation and Banding00:00:00
Distinct Zones in Fusion Welded Specimen00:00:00
Heat Affected Zone00:00:00
Properties of Heat Affect Zone00:00:00
Microstructural Products in Weldments00:00:00
Introduction to Preheat and Postweld Heat Treatment00:00:00
Preheat and Postweld Heat Treatment of Different Materials00:00:00
Residual Stresses in Welding00:00:00
Causes of Residual Stress Development in Welding00:00:00
Measurement of Residual Stresses in Weldments00:00:00
Controlling Residual Stresses in Weldments00:00:00
Welding Metallurgy

Enrolment validity: Lifetime


  • Introduction to courses such as Welding processes, Materials science