Webcasts for Wireless Communications

  • Course level: Intermediate
  • Last Update 16/07/2021


Webcasts for Wireless Communications

The propagation environment that connects transmitters and receivers is an important aspect of any wireless system’s end-to-end functionality. As radio technology advances, this propagation environment is becoming a more important factor for system design and testing, notably for 5G deployment/optimization and next-generation aerospace/defense advancements.

The core ideas and principles that underpin next-generation test methodologies will be discussed in this webinar. We’ll look at how propagation loss, delay, Doppler shifting, multipath, MIMO air interfaces, and antenna radiation patterns affect time and space. Whether you’re new to the notion of ch, you’ll find this lecture useful. Whether you are new to the notion of channel modeling or an expert in the field dealing with new technological issues, you will benefit from this talk.

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What Will I Learn?

  • Consider how 5G fits into the progression of wireless technologies, as well as at least three significant capabilities.
  • Determine why 5G is regarded as the fourth industrial revolution's spark.
  • To take use of 5G capabilities, brainstorm new ideas, new business prospects, and new services.
  • Determine which major communications service companies are developing and delivering 5G networks.
  • Make a business strategy and a strategic plan.
  • his course will cover the necessary 4G LTE job skills for working in the cellular wireless industry.

Topics for this course

47 Lessons

Testing to the new vertical accuracy requirements of the FCC Wireless E911

Demystifying the 5G NR physical layer00:00:00
What is next in cellular IoT and how can we test it?00:00:00
Demystifying 5G – Minimizing the impact of accessories when testing 5G RF components00:00:00
Numerology and Initial Access Concept for 5G NR00:00:00
Analysis of IP security mechanisms in IoT and mobile devices00:00:00
Analysis of IP security mechanisms in IoT and mobile devices00:00:00
Five things to know about WLAN 802.11ax and why testing is important00:00:00
The smart way to evaluate and optimize low-power IoT designs00:00:00
Demystifying 5G and the evolution to massive MIMO for increased capacity and profit00:00:00
The power of testing IoT devices in all phases of the product lifecycle00:00:00
IoT and over-the-top (OTT) applications – how to quantify signaling impact and power consumption00:00:00
LTE multicast (eMBMS) – ready for prime time?00:00:00
Design challenges for handset power amplifiers due to LTE-Advanced00:00:00
Unleashing 5G mm-waves – a test & measurement perspective00:00:00
VoLTE based on IMS: How to ensure voice quality in the field00:00:00
Improving the efficiency of your envelope tracking test setup00:00:00
Vehicle communications for safety: eCall fundamentals and test solutions00:00:00
LTE UE RF measurements – revolutions00:00:00
Wi-Fi traffic offload in LTE00:00:00
optimizing the quality of experience (QoE) for mobile devices using IP analysis00:00:00
Challenges in testing multi-standard radio base stations00:00:00
Carrier Aggregation – (One) Key Enabler for LTE-Advanced00:00:00
WLAN 802.11ac Technology Introduction and Measurement Solutions00:00:00
OTA Measurements of LTE MIMO-Enabled Devices00:00:00
Device mobility in EUTRA/LTE, including SRVCC, and how to test it00:00:00
: Video over LTE – Testing the next step in the end user experience00:00:00
Evolved MBMS – broadcast and multicast in LTE00:00:00
Voice over LTE – approaches, implementation, and test solutions00:00:00
LTE UE RF measurements – reloaded00:00:00
TD-LTE – A separation from LTE FDD00:00:00
Does your LTE network meet the expectations?00:00:00
Introduction to LTE UE RF measurements00:00:00
Bridging the gap between LTE and 1xEV-DO00:00:00
LTE Basics – Part 1400:00:00
LTE Basics – Part 1300:00:00
LTE Basics – Part 1200:00:00
LTE Basics – Part 1100:00:00
LTE Basics – Part 1000:00:00
LTE Basics – Part 0900:00:00
LTE Basics – Part 0800:00:00
LTE Basics – Part 0700:00:00
LTE Basics – Part 0600:00:00
LTE Basics – Part 0500:00:00
LTE Basics – Part 0400:00:00
LTE Basics – Part 0300:00:00
LTE Basics – Part 0200:00:00
LTE Basics – Part 0100:00:00

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  • As a consumer or a businessperson, you should be conversant with wireless technology.
  • You should be a technology advocate who is interested in the evolution of wireless networks.
  • You should be interested in new technologies that enable the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning.