Waves and Oscillations I

  • Course level: Beginner
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  • Last Update 19/07/2021


Waves and Oscillations I

This is an introductory course on wave and oscillation physics. Wave phenomena are used in all of our communication devices, musical instruments, and technological equipment. Theoretical frameworks will be presented in this course. There will be a background to the study of wave phenomena in a wide range of applications covered. The application of theoretical principles in practice is emphasized.

Waves and Oscillations Course Layout :

Week 1:Oscillations of physical systems, Time period and frequency, Harmonic oscillator in
one dimension and its solutions, Superposition of simple harmonic oscillations, Lissajous figures.
Week 2:Damped harmonic oscillations and their solutions. Driven and damped oscillator and its
solutions. Applications to vibration isolation.
Week 3: Impedance, Displacement and velocity resonance, Q-factor of the oscillator

Week 4:Coupled oscillations, normal modes, and frequencies
Week 5: Loaded string linked oscillations, solvable examples of coupled oscillations
Week 6: Transverse waves and the wave equation solutions, velocities in the wave motion
Week 7:Standing waves, reflection and transmission of waves at a boundary, and impedance matching are covered

Topics for this course

29 Lessons

Simple Harmonic Motion : Problems

Damped oscillator : Part 100:00:00
Simple Harmonic Motion00:00:00
Superposition of Oscillations : Beats00:00:00
Superposition of Oscillations : Beats00:00:00
Superposition of Oscillations : Lissajous Figures00:00:00
Damped oscillator and Q-factor “00:00:00
Damped oscillator : Problems00:00:00
Forced oscillator : Part 100:00:00
Damped oscillator : Part 200:00:00
Q-factor of forced oscillator00:00:00
Applications of forced oscillator00:00:00
Forced oscillator : Problems00:00:00
Forced oscillator : Part 200:00:00
Coupled oscillator : Problems00:00:00
Coupled oscillations : More examples00:00:00
Solving for normal modes00:00:00
Coupled Oscillations : Part 200:00:00
Coupled Oscillations : Part 100:00:00
Continuum Limit of Loaded String00:00:00
Solutions for Loaded String00:00:00
Coupled Oscillations of Loaded String00:00:00
Oscillations of Loaded String00:00:00
Wave equation : Problems00:00:00
Standing waves00:00:00
Transverse waves in periodic structures00:00:00
Wave equation : impedance and velocities00:00:00
Wave equation and its solutions00:00:00
Bandwidth theorem and problems00:00:00

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