Virtual EuMW 20/21

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Virtual EuMW 20/21

In this course, Virtual EuMW we will learn about Vector receiver load-pull measurements are simple using the combination of Maury Microwave Tuners, IV CAD software, and the R&S ZNA vector network analyzer. This gadget includes easy calibration, power and impedance sweeps on LNAs, and advanced analytical software. The R&S ZNH is a full 2-port handheld vector network analyzer with maximum frequencies of 4 GHz, 8 GHz, 18 GHz, and 26.5 GHz. Standard measuring features include cable and antenna analysis, as well as comprehensive S-parameter measurements.R&S Cloud4Testing is a SaaS platform that provides users with access to R&S software suites like VSE and WinIQSIM2.

Customers can process and analyze their data using the software without installing it on their computers. The Noise power ratio (NPR) option has been added to the R & S®FSWP, which already has a high sensitivity for measuring phase noise. The NPR option provides a simple and convenient approach to measure the intermodulation of RF transponders and components in a system. Beyond 5G, future devices may be able to operate in the sub-terahertz range. Because no mechanical modifications or additional RF cabling are necessary to assess the amplitude and phase-coherent response of an unknown DUT in the R&S ATS1000, testing requirements are simplified.

Who is this Virtual EuMW course  for

Communication Engineer.Computer Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Hardware Engineer

What Will I Learn?

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Topics for this course

10 Lessons

Vector receiver load-pull measurements

New Handheld VNA for Radar & Satellite Ground Station Measurements00:00:00
SaaS RF test platform00:00:00
NPR (Noise Power ratio) measurements with the R&S®FSWP phase noise analyzer00:00:00
5G FR2 RF testing00:00:00
6G – Extension to a D-Band Antenna Measurement system00:00:00
Ultra wideband 802.15.4a/4z testing00:00:00
Automotive radar testing in a compact antenna test range00:00:00
Automotive radar signal analysis in the E-band00:00:00
Phase-Coherent Multichannel Pulse analysis00:00:00
De-embedding options for R&S VNAs00:00:00

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