Unsaturated Soil Mechanics

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Unsaturated Soil Mechanics.

The knowledge of soil behavior is very important in the Geotechnical engineering practice. The soil behavior in the saturated state is widely taught in undergraduate and graduate programs, all over.

The existence of air-phase in natural soils prompts the soil to behave differently from the saturated soils.

The present course would provide the fundamental principles, mechanisms, and behavior of partly saturated soils.


What Will I Learn?

  • Learn the Unsaturated Soil Mechanics

Topics for this course

37 Lessons

Unsaturated Soil Mechanics

Unsaturated Soil Mechanics [Introduction Video]00:00:00
Fundamental Aspects of Unsaturated Soil Mechanics and its Basic Principles00:00:00
Phases of Unsaturated Soils-I00:00:00
Phases of Unsaturated Soils-II00:00:00
Equilibrium between Air and Water Phases00:00:00
Capillary Phenomenon in Unsaturated Soils-I00:00:00
Capillary Phenomenon in Unsaturated Soils-II00:00:00
Summary: Fundamental Principles and Constitutive Relationships00:00:00
Concept of Water Retention and Soil Water Characteristics – I00:00:00
Concept of Water Retention and Soil Water Characteristics – II00:00:00
Lec 10: Hydraulic conductivity functions and determination of state variables00:00:00
Lec 11: Suction Mesauremnt/control Techniques – I00:00:00
Lec 12: Suction Mesauremnt/control Techniques – II00:00:00
Lec 13: Summary: Suction Measurement and Control Techniques00:00:00
Lec 14: HCF Determination00:00:00
Lec 15: SWCC and HCF Models00:00:00
Lec 16: HCF Modelling00:00:00
Lec 17: Fitting of SWCC & HCF modelling00:00:00
Lec 18: Pedo-transfer Functions (PTF)00:00:00
Lec 19: Steady-State Flow Through Soils00:00:00
Lec 20: Steady-State & Transient Flow00:00:00
Lec 21: Analytical Methods for Transient Flow-I00:00:00
Lec 22: Analytical Methods for Transient Flow – II00:00:00
Lec 23: Shear Strength of Unsaturated Soils00:00:00
Lec 24: Suction-Controlled Direct Shear Test00:00:00
Lec 25: Suction-Controlled Triaxial Test00:00:00
Lec 26: Extended M-C Criterion – I00:00:00
Lec 27: Extended M-C Criterion – II00:00:00
Lec 28: Extended M-C Criterion – III00:00:00
Lec 29: Concept of “Suction Stress”- I00:00:00
Lec 30: Concept of “Suction Stress”- II00:00:00
Lec 31: Concept of “Suction Stress”- III00:00:00
Lec 32: Summary: Shear Strength of Unsaturated Soils and Introduction to Volume Change00:00:00
Lec 33: Swelling Behaviour of Soils00:00:00
Lec 34: Estimation of Swelling Pressure in the Laboratory and Behaviour of Collapsible soil00:00:00
Lec 35: Volume Change Behaviour of Bentonite and Kaolin Clay00:00:00
Lec 36: Demonstration of Various Experiments Related to Unsaturaed Soil Mechanics00:00:00
Unsaturated Soil Mechanics

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