Introduction to Time – Varying Electrical Network II

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Introduction to Time-Varying Electrical Network II

The course is designed to give analog, mixed-signal, and RF circuit designers a moderate introduction to time-varying circuits and systems. There are only a few prerequisites. It introduces linear time-varying (LTV) and linear periodically time-varying (LPTV) circuits after a refresher and background on linear-time invariant networks. The theory’s applications are demonstrated using practical examples.

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Topics for this course

27 Lessons

Convolution integral for LTV systems

Frequency response of an LTV system00:00:00
LTV system example : Time-varying RC filter00:00:00
Linear Periodically Time-Varying Systems (LPTV)00:00:00
Response of an LPTV system to a complex exponential input00:00:00
Harmonic Transfer Functions00:00:00
Zadeh expansion of an LPTV system00:00:00
MNA analysis of LPTV networks00:00:00
MNA stamp of a periodically time varying conductance00:00:00
MNA stamp of a capacitor and a voltage source in an LPTV network00:00:00
Analysis of an example LPTV network – part 100:00:00
Analysis of an example LPTV network – part 200:00:00
LPTV network analysis, RC filter, time-varying00:00:00
Impedance and admittance in LTI and LPTV networks00:00:00
Thevenin and Norton’s Theorems for LPTV networks00:00:00
The N-path principle00:00:00
N-path example00:00:00
Time-domain intuition of the N-path principle00:00:00
N-path example: Time-Interleaved ADCs00:00:00
Dc-dc converter as an LPTV system00:00:00
N-path principle: Multiphase dc-dc converter00:00:00
The N-path filter00:00:00
Computing H_0(j2\pi f_s) for a 4-path filter00:00:00
Input impedance of the 4-path filter at f_s00:00:00
Computing H_0(j2\pi 2 f_s) for a 4-path filter00:00:00
Determining H_0 for input frequency deviations from f_s00:00:00
Reciprocity and Inter-reciprocity in LPTV networks : Part 100:00:00
Reciprocity and Inter-reciprocity in LPTV networks : Part 2, the transfer-function theorem00:00:00

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