Introduction to Time – Varying Electrical Network I

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Introduction to Time-Varying Electrical Network I

The course is designed to give analog, mixed-signal, and RF circuit designers a moderate introduction to time-varying circuits and systems. There are only a few prerequisites. It introduces linear time-varying (LTV) and linear periodically time-varying (LPTV) circuits after a refresher and background on linear-time invariant networks. The theory’s applications are demonstrated using practical examples.

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What Will I Learn?

  • will be able to learn about electrical network
  • How to analyse time varying Electrical netwok

Topics for this course

27 Lessons

Course Introductory

Course Introduction and Motivation00:00:00
Kirchoff’s Current and Voltage Laws, and the Incidence Matrix00:00:00
Power Conservation and Tellegen’s Theorem00:00:00
Intuition behind Tellegen’s Theorem00:00:00
Tellegen’s Theorem and reciprocity in linear resistive networks00:00:00
Why is reciprocity useful in practice?00:00:00
Inter-reciprocity in linear time-invariant networks00:00:00
Inter-reciprocity in linear time-invariant networks (contd)00:00:00
Inter-reciprocity in networks with ideal operational amplifiers00:00:00
Review of Modified Nodal Analysis (MNA) of linear networks00:00:00
MNA stamps of controlled sources – the VCCS & VCVS00:00:00
MNA stamps of controlled sources – the CCCS & CCVS00:00:00
Inter-reciprocity in linear networks – using the MNA stamp approach00:00:00
The Adjoint Network00:00:00
MNA stamp of an ideal opamp00:00:00
Properties of circuits with multiple ideal opamps00:00:00
Introduction to noise in electrical networks00:00:00
Noise processed by a linear time-invariant system00:00:00
kT/C noise in a sample-and-hold circuit00:00:00
Noise in RLC networks00:00:00
Total integrated noise in RLC Networks00:00:00
Bode’s Noise Theorem – Frequency domain00:00:00
Input referred noise in electrical networks – part 100:00:00
Noise Factor Examples00:00:00
Input referred noise and the noise factor00:00:00
Motivation to learn about time-varying circuits and systems : Part 100:00:00
Motivation to learn about time-varying circuits and systems : Part 200:00:00

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