Swing Trading Strategies

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Swing Trading (ST) For Beginners – (What Is Swing Trading). This is the first part of the (ST) For Beginners video series. Swing Trading is one of the most popular Short Term Trading methods in Technical Analysis. In this Swing Trading series, I intend to cover (ST) basics, (ST) and Instrument selection, (ST) and Support Resistance, Swing Trading Strategies.

In this part, I explain what is swing trading and then move on to distinguishing between Swing, Positional, and Buy and Hold approaches. I then move onto listing Instruments that are available in (ST). I briefly mention each instrument (Stocks, Futures, and Options) and list out reasons for starting with Stocks first.

then explain how the (ST) strategy needs to fit in the overall Market Strategy along with Positional Trading and Long term Investments.  explain why it is important for a Swing Trader to allocate money based on overall market strategy.

then move to two types of (ST) approach; Top-down approach and the Bottom-up approach. I explain why one must prefer the Top-down approach as it is more holistic in nature and leads to high probability Trades. I also list out the difference between Trading a system and using a discretionary trading approach. I make a case wherein I state that no Trading system can replace Traders’ ability to read Charts.

finish this part by highlighting the importance of the Trading platform, various Technical tools, and the importance of selecting the right Broker while (ST)


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Swing Trading Strategies

What Is Swing Trading00:00:00
Support And Resistance In Swing Trading00:00:00
Swing Trading Stock Selection00:00:00
Top Down Approach00:00:00
Moving Average & Stochastic Indicator00:00:00
Kicker Pattern00:00:00
Outside Bar Trading Strategy00:00:00
How To Use RSI Indicator Bullish Divergence00:00:00
How To Use RSI Indicator Hidden Bullish Divergence00:00:00
Gap Trading Strategy With RSI Indicator00:00:00
ADX Indicator Trading Strategy & Moving Average Strategy00:00:00
Volume Profile Trading Strategy For Swing Trading00:00:00
Wyckoff Trading Method & Swing Trading Strategies00:00:00
How To Use Wyckoff Trading Method For Price Action Trading00:00:00
Volume Profile Trading Strategy00:00:00
Swing Trading
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