Surrogates and Approximations in Engineering Design

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Surrogates and Approximations in Engineering Design.

In the context of engineering design, often the functional objective and the design constraints are approximated by connecting the design variables and the responses of interest at few points in the design space. Since these are approximations of the original functions, they are called surrogates and are widely used in design studies. This course will focus on introducing such surrogates – how to build, evaluate and use them in design. Surrogates discussed will include polynomial regression, kriging, and radial basis function while Design of Experiments discussions will include Latin hypercube sampling and Hammersley sequence.

What Will I Learn?

  • -Introduction, physical versus computational experiments, introduction to engineering optimization, need for surrogates in optimization
  • -Sampling plans, Latin squares, Latin hypercubes sampling, stratification, Orthogonal arrays, Hammersley sequences
  • -Surrogates: Polynomial Regression, Radial basis function, Kriging
  • -Using surrogates in design space exploration and exploitation, infill criteria, adaptive sampling

Topics for this course

19 Lessons

Surrogates and Approximations in Engineering Design

Lecture 1 – Overview and Motivation of Course00:00:00
Lecture 2 – Basic Optimization Problem Formulation00:00:00
Lecture 3 – Problem Formulation Example00:00:00
Lecture 4 – Calculus related to Optimization00:00:00
Lecture 5 – The big picture – Overview00:00:00
Lecture 6 – Introduction to DOE – 100:00:00
Lecture 7 – Introduction to DOE – 200:00:00
Lecture 8 – Types of DOE – 100:00:00
Lecture 9 – Types of DOE – 2 and some examples00:00:00
Lecture 10 – Introduction to surrogate modeling00:00:00
Lecture 11 – Types of surrogate – Polynomial models00:00:00
Lecture 12 – Radial basis function – 100:00:00
Lecture 13 – Radial basis function – 200:00:00
Lecture 14 – Kriging – 100:00:00
Lecture 15 – Kriging – 200:00:00
Lecture 16 – Metamodels for Safe and Efficient Automotive Structures00:00:00
Lecture 17 – Exploration and Exploitation in Surrogates00:00:00
Lecture 18 – Errors Based Exploration00:00:00
Lecture 19 – Ensemble of Surrogates00:00:00

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