Strength of Material

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This course will help you to understand why engineers have to study the Strength of Material and what is the practical importance of this subject in the engineering world.

You will learn about different types of stresses induced in the body on the application of external load and the deflection induced in the static equilibrium conditions.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is designed for students who are interested in understanding how the components of any machine or a structure are designed by an engineer.

What Will I Learn?

  • After the course completion you can study any existing mechanical or civil structure and can determine various safety measures while designing the component and Learn everything about Strength of Materials From A to Z .

Topics for this course

83 Lessons

Strength of Materials

Strength of Materials – Stress00:00:00
Types of Stresses00:00:00
Strength of Materials – Strain00:00:00
Strength of Materials – Hooke’s law00:00:00
Stress-Strain Diagram00:00:00
Strength of Materials – Principle of Superposition00:00:00
Strength of Materials – Thermal Stresses00:00:00
Strength of Materials – Poisson’s Ratio00:00:00
Simple Stresses & Strains Example 100:00:00
Simple Stresses & Strains Example 200:00:00
Simple Stresses & Strains Example 300:00:00
Introduction to Oblique Stresses00:00:00
CASE 1 Simple Tension00:00:00
CASE 2 Pure Shear00:00:00
CASE 3 Pure Normal Stresses on Planes00:00:00
Generalised 2-D Stress System00:00:00
Principal Stresses00:00:00
Mohr’s Stress Circle00:00:00
Mohr Circle Example00:00:00
Complex Stresses & Strains Example 100:00:00
Complex Stresses & Strains Example 200:00:00
Shearing Force & Bending Moment Diagram00:00:00
Type Of Loads00:00:00
Cantilever Beam With Point Load At Free End00:00:00
Cantilever Beam With a UDL00:00:00
Cantilever Beam With a Gradually Varying Load00:00:00
Simply Supported Beam With Point Loads00:00:00
Simply Supported Beam Carrying a UDL00:00:00
Simply Supported Beam Example00:00:00
Bending Stresses Introduction00:00:00
Moment of Inertia Calculation00:00:00
Combined Bending And Direct Stresses00:00:00
Bending Stresses Example00:00:00
Shearing Stresses in Beams Introduction00:00:00
Shear Stresses in Rectangular Section00:00:00
Shear Stresses In I Section00:00:00
Shear Stresses in Circle Section00:00:00
Shear Centre00:00:00
Torsional Equation00:00:00
Compound Shafts00:00:00
Close Coiled Helical Spring Under Axial00:00:00
Close Coiled Spring Example00:00:00
Spring Combinations00:00:00
Spring Combination Example00:00:00
Semi Elliptical & Quarter Elliptical00:00:00
Strain Energy In Deflection00:00:00
Strain Energy & Deflection of a Simply Supported Beam00:00:00
Cantilever With Point Load At Free End00:00:00
Cantilever With a UDL00:00:00
Deflection Example00:00:00
Columns and Struts Introduction00:00:00
Column With both Ends Pinned00:00:00
Column Fixed at Both Ends00:00:00
Column Fixed at one End & Pinned at Other00:00:00
Column and Struts Example00:00:00
Column and Struts Example00:00:00
Thin Cylinder Under Internal Pressure00:00:00
Thin Spherical Shell Under Internal Pressure00:00:00
Volumetric Strain on Capacity00:00:00
Thin Cylinder Example00:00:00
Tube Under Combined Loading Example00:00:00
Rotational Stresses In Thin Cylinders00:00:00
Rotational Stresses In Thin Cylinders Example00:00:00
Strength of Materials – Extensometers00:00:00
Cambridge Extensometer00:00:00
Ewing’s Extensometer00:00:00
Huggenberger Extensometer00:00:00
Wheatstone Bridge00:00:00
Strength of Materials GATE Problem 100:00:00
Strength of Materials GATE Problem 200:00:00
Strength of Materials GATE Problem 300:00:00
Strength of Materials GATE Problem 400:00:00
Strength of Materials GATE Problem 500:00:00
Strength of Materials GATE Problem 600:00:00
Strength of Materials GATE Problem 700:00:00
Strength of Materials GATE Problem 800:00:00
Strength of Materials GATE Problem 900:00:00
Strength of Materials GATE Problem 1000:00:00
Strength of Materials GATE Problem 1100:00:00
Strength of Materials GATE Problem 1200:00:00
Strength of Materials GATE Problem 1300:00:00
Strength of Materials GATE Problem 1400:00:00
Strength of Materials GATE Problem 1500:00:00
Strength of Material
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  • Student should have basic understanding of Newton's laws of motion.