Strategies for Sustainable Design

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Strategies for Sustainable Design

The course discusses sustainability principles and concepts from across various domains. Elaborates on sustainability definitions, aspects, dynamic nature of it, and its application in everyday life. Further, it discusses global efforts from UNFCCC, IPCC, and other agencies for developing context-based solutions and climate change mitigation efforts. Involves field visits, real-life case examples, and assignments. Includes study on building technologies to improve efficiency and response to surroundings.

Focuses on basic scientific principles underlying the environmental performance of the built environment and designing for efficacy on EIA/LCA. It elaborates about NBC of India, CNBC, and SA Methods also such as GRIHA, LeNS tools, etc. Overall, it touches on UN SDG and systemic analysis for an easy understanding of assessment for students. The course provides a state of the art study material using the latest research papers, journals, books, and reports, etc.

Strategies for Sustainable Design course layout

Week 1: Definitions and Perspectives on Sustainability in Industrial Design and Built Environments

Week 2: ESE Aspects of Sustainability and Climate Change Mitigation

Week 3: Current National and International Scenario of SD and Dependence on Energy

Week 4: Impact of Pollutions and Design Processes with Alternative Solutions for Health of Ecosystem

Week 5: Environmental Impact Assessment and Lifecycle Analysis

Week 6: Policy, Growth, Development and 3R’s for Consumption

Week 7: NBC, ECBC, and SA Methods such as GRIHA

Week 8: UN SDG and System Design tools such as SPSS, MSDS by LeNS

Week 9: Vernacular and Responsive Design using Net-Zero Energy, Lighting, Ventilation, Views, etc., for Human Comfort
Week 10:Design for Sustainability and Nature as Inspiration

Week 11: International Conventions, Laws and Emerging Technologies for SD

Week 12:SD Case Studies and Summary


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Topics for this course

36 Lessons

Strategies for Sustainable Design

Strategies for Sustainable Design _ Course Introduction5:12
Strategies for Sustainable Design – Welcome Lecture53:01
Various Perspectives around Sustainability00:37:34
Spheres of Energy Efficient/Green/Environmental/Sustainable Designs01:01:08
Environmental Sustainability00:31:01
Social Sustainability00:28:59
Economic Sustainabilty00:14:11
Climate Change Mitigation and the Way Forward00:33:47
Future of Human Habitation Design00:29:13
Relevance of Sustainable Design in Contemporary Context00:31:28
Built Environment and Energy Consumption00:33:12
Reliance and Dependence of Building Design on Energy00:34:37
Current Scenario of Sustainable Design: Indian00:29:45
Current Scenario of Sustainable Design: International00:22:10
Designing Strategically for Preventing pollution: Air, Water, Soil, Noise, Light Radiation, etc00:40:18
Low Environmental Impact00:32:25
Thinking for Alternatives through Systemic Design00:17:27
Consumption and Consumerist Lifestyle00:23:34
Environmental impact Assessment00:31:20
Lifecycle Analysis Part A00:35:39
Lifecycle Analysis Part B00:39:08
Growth and Development in Construction and Allied Sectors00:16:35
Policy Push in Real Estate and Manufacturing Sectors00:23:49
Policy Push for Development of the Low Economic Regions00:14:15
Sustainable Building Materials00:38:10
National Building Code 2016 – Part 11 and Energy Conservation Building Code00:37:46
Guidelines for Building Design by SA Methods: GRIHA00:55:56
UN SDG for Sustainable Development00:52:08
LeNS Design Method and Tools such as SPSS, MSDS, DE01:34:22
Vernacular Design Case Example00:53:08
Climate Responsiveness00:42:17
Thinking the Unthinkable: Need for Innovation in Design Process00:52:22
Design for Net-Zero Energy, Lighting, Ventilation, Views and Human Comfort01:08:00
D4S with Inspiration from Nature00:52:21
D4S for Optimization of Manufacturing00:35:50

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