Steam Power Engineering

  • Course level: Intermediate


This Steam Power (SP) Engineering course deals with steam power plants. One part of the course is about simple (SP) cycle, reheat, regeneration, and superheating.

Further actual cycles with component efficiencies would also be discussed. Then each component of the plant is discussed in detail. Initially, the types of steam generators and their parts were highlighted.

Then steam turbine, its type, efficiency, and arrangements are focused. Thus this course would provide an understanding of electricity generation or transportation applications using steam as a working medium.


INTENDED AUDIENCE: Undergraduate students of Mechanical engineering. (5 th semester onwards), industry personnel associated with thermal power plant; faculty members associated with Mechanical /Chemical/ Automobile engineering.

What Will I Learn?

  • Week 1: Vapour Power Cycles: Carnot cycle, Rankine cycle, reheat cycle
  • Week 2: Vapour Power Cycles: Regenerative cycle, steam cycles for nuclear power plant, back-pressure, and extraction turbines, and cogeneration
  • Week 3: Vapour Power Cycles: Low-temperature power cycles, the ideal working fluid, and binary/multi-fluid cycles
  • Week 4: Steam Generator: Subcritical and supercritical boilers, fluidized bed boilers, fire-tube, and water tube boilers, mountings, and accessories
  • Week 5: Steam Turbine: Impulse and reaction stage, degree of reaction, velocity triangle,
  • Week 6: Steam Turbine: efficiencies Velocity and pressure compounding,
  • Week 7: Steam Turbine: Reheat factor and nozzles
  • Week 8: Cooling Tower: Hygrometry and psychrometric chart

Topics for this course

34 Lessons

Steam Power Engineering

Steam Power Engineering [Introduction Video]00:00:00
Lec 1: Review of thermodynamics00:00:00
Lec 2: Rankine cycle00:00:00
Lec 3: Performance estimation of steam power cycles00:00:00
Lec 4: Carnot cycle examples00:00:00
Lec 5: Rankine cycle with superheat00:00:00
Lec 6: Rankine cycle with reheat theory and example00:00:00
Lec 7: Examples of Rankine cycle00:00:00
Lec 8: Examples of reheat Rankine cycle00:00:00
Lec 9: Rankine cycle with regeneration00:00:00
Lec 10: Feedwater heaters00:00:00
Lec 11: Cogeneration of power and process heat00:00:00
Lec 12: Examples of regeneration00:00:00
Lec 13: Examples of regenerative Rankine cycle00:00:00
Lec 14: Binary/multi-fluid cycles00:00:00
Lec 15: Low temperature power cycles00:00:00
Lec 16: Examples of binary cycles00:00:00
Lec 17: Types of boilers00:00:00
Lec 18: Boiler accessories00:00:00
Lec 19: Practice examples00:00:00
Lec 20: Stagnation conditions & Nozzle flow00:00:00
Lec 21: Nozzle flow00:00:00
Lec 22: Examples of Nozzle00:00:00
Lec 23: Impulse Turbine 100:00:00
Lec 24: Impulse Turbine 200:00:00
Lec 25: Examples on Impulse Turbine00:00:00
Lec 26: Reaction Turbine00:00:00
Lec 27: Reheat Factor00:00:00
Lec 28: Examples on Turbine 100:00:00
Lec 29: Examples on Turbine 200:00:00
Lec 30: Gas Mixture00:00:00
Lec 31: Psychrometry 100:00:00
Lec 32: Psychrometry 200:00:00
Lec 33: Condensers00:00:00
Steam Power

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  • Basic UG-level Thermodynamics