Software Testing

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Software Testing (ST) is an investigation conducted to provide information about the quality of a software product or service. Common test techniques include the process of finding software errors or defects and other ways of verifying that the software product is fit for customer or stakeholder use.

(ST) is important to learn for anyone who wants to be part of a development team. It’s an essential part of the process of bringing software to market.

Why learn software testing?

here are the reasons for learning (ST):

  1. (ST) is in demand.
  2. It is relatively easy to start a career in product/software testing.
  3. Testing tools are easy to learn.
  4. (ST) is an important process of the software development life cycle.
  5. It is an evergreen sector in the IT sector.

who is this course for?

Software Testing courses learners with knowledge of the fundamental principles and processes of the field. Lessons include creating test cases and running them using an automated testing tool; writing and recognizing good test cases; describing the difference between verification and validation; being able to explain the goal of testing; learning appropriate test terminology in communication; and more.

What Will I Learn?

  • Here are the benefits of software testing:
  • Software testing ensures that you deliver a quality product to the customer.
  • Testing helps in removing risks and problems earlier.
  • Testing any IT project on time helps you to save your money for the long term.
  • The main aim of any product is to give satisfaction to their customers. UI/UX Testing ensures the best user experience.

Topics for this course

53 Lessons

Software Testing

Software Testing Tutorial For Beginners00:00:00
What is Software Testing00:00:00
Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC)00:00:00
Types of Software Testing00:00:00
What is Manual Testing?00:00:00
Automation Testing Tutorial for Beginners00:00:00
How to Become a Test Automation Engineer?00:00:00
What is Test Plan?00:00:00
What is Agile Testing?00:00:00
Download & Install Selenium00:00:00
Test Automation Framework Using Selenium00:00:00
Top 50 Software Testing Interview Questions & Answers00:00:00
Performance Testing Tutorial for Beginners00:00:00
Mobile Application Testing Using Appium for Beginners00:00:00
Appium Tutorial For Beginners00:00:00
Appium Studio Tutorial for Beginners00:00:00
Testing Android Applications With Appium00:00:00
Appium Interview Questions and Answers00:00:00
JMeter Tutorial For Beginners00:00:00
What is Smoke Testing?00:00:00
Stress Testing Using JMeter00:00:00
Load Testing Using JMeter00:00:00
Functional Testing vs Non-Functional Testing00:00:00
Career in Software Testing00:00:00
Top 40 Test Automation Interview Questions00:00:00
Test Automation Using Python00:00:00
Functional Testing Tutorial00:00:00
Selenium Maven With Eclipse00:00:00
Top 10 Performance Testing Tools00:00:00
Cross Browser Testing Using LambdaTest00:00:00
How to Build a Test Automation Strategy?00:00:00
Install & Configure Appium On Windows & Mac00:00:00
How To Write A Test Case?00:00:00
How to Handle Multiple Windows in Selenium Webdriver00:00:00
JMeter Installation00:00:00
JMeter vs LoadRunner00:00:00
Software Testing Tools00:00:00
How To Use JMeter In Jenkins?00:00:00
What is Integration Testing?00:00:00
What is Regression Testing?00:00:00
JMeter Plugins Tutorial00:00:00
What is Unit Testing?00:00:00
Smoke Testing vs Sanity Testing00:00:00
Appium Architecture Explained00:00:00
Top 10 Mobile Application Testing Tools00:00:00
JMeter API Testing00:00:00
JMeter Script Recording Tutorial00:00:00
What is API testing?00:00:00
JMeter Correlation00:00:00
Cucumber Selenium Tutorial00:00:00
Software Testing Methodologies00:00:00
What is Sanity Testing?00:00:00
Top 50 Manual Testing Interview Questions00:00:00
Software Testing
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  • Who can learn Software Testing?
  • Software testing can be learned by the people who want to start their career in the IT industry but not interested in coding. It can be learned by the people who want to learn various testing tools and enjoy finding bugs.