SoapUI API/Webservices Testing

  • Course level: Beginner


SoapUI API/Webservices Testing

The course is designed in such a way that the user can start things from very scratch without any prior knowledge of Soap Web services and REST API


On course completion, You will be Mastered in REST API/Webservices Testing and can implement Successfully it in your workplace or will surely land on High Paying Job

So what makes this course Unique in the Market?

We assume that students have no experience in API Testing and start every topic from scratch and basics.

This Course explains 

·What are the Webservices and API’s

·How to Test the Webservices using Soap UI

Manual Testing of Services and API’s using SoapUI tool

Groovy Scripting Basics

·How to Automate the Webservices Testcases in Soap UI with Groovy

·Soap UI Pro Features

What is Rest API

Manual Testing of REST API’s using SoapUI tool
Automation of Rest API’s using SoapUI Groovy and Script Assertions

SoapUI Framework development from scratch using TestNG, Jenkins, and Java API

·DataBase Testing with Soap UI

Soap UI Integration with Eclipse

By the End of this Course, you will  understand the web services and API specifications and write all kind of effective Manual and Automation test cases (Functional/DataBase Testcases) for services in Soap UI by using all the available features  on Tool 

Who this course is for:

  1. This course is best suited for
  2. Manual Testers who want to Learn Webservices Testing
  3. Functional Automation Testers to extend their scripting on web services
  4. Penetration Testers to understand Security flaws
  5. Any Graduate who wants to kick start their carrier into testing

What Will I Learn?

  • At the end of this Course you will get complete knowledge on Web services,API and their functionality
  • You will learn How to test Webservices and REST API using SoapUI
  • You will be able to develop robust Automation scripts for all the API tests using SoapUI features
  • You will learn new language called groovy to automate webservices with SoapUI inbuilt methods
  • You will be able to develop robust automation Framework forAPI's testcases
  • You will understand the importance and procedure of Mocking the webservices
  • You will learn basic sql concepts and procedure for database testing using SoapUI
  • Will get clear picture on Security Testing using SoapUI
  • You will understand how to generate neat reports for execution results

Topics for this course

20 Lessons

SoapUI API/Webservices Testing

1- Introduction & Installation on Windows00:00:00
2- How To Create First SOAP Project, Test Suite, Test Case00:00:00
3- How To Create First REST Project, Test Suite, Test Case00:00:00
4- Assertions : Contains & Not Contains00:00:00
5- Assertions : XPath Match00:00:00
6- Assertions : XQuery Match00:00:00
7- Assertions : Valid/In-valid HTTP Status Codes00:00:00
8- Assertions : Script Assertion for XML Response00:00:00
9- Assertions : Script Assertion for JSON Response00:00:00
10- Assertions : JSON Path Assertions00:00:00
11- Properties in SOAPUI00:00:00
12- Property Transfer | Value Transfer00:00:00
13- Installation & Creating Soap Project00:00:00
14- Data Driven Testing using Excel00:00:00
15- Data Driven Testing using Text File00:00:00
16- Data Driven Testing using Grid00:00:00
17- Data Driven Testing using Data Generator00:00:00
18- Data Driven Testing using JDBC (MySQL)00:00:00
19- DataSink Step00:00:00
20-How to Send Request & Verify Response using Groovy Script00:00:00

Enrolment validity: Lifetime