Quantum Transport

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Quantum Transport

Conventional transport theory though uses parameters derived from quantum mechanical principles such as energy gap and effective mass, mostly utilizes classical or semi-classical approaches. Contrarily, electrical transport in mesoscopic systems is enriched by several exotic phenomena driven by the quantum nature of the charge carriers such as quantum tunneling, quantum Hall effects, conductance quantization, flux-quantization, Aharanov-Bohm effect, single-electron charging, Kondo effect, and Josephson effects.

This Quantum Transport course is aimed at giving a comprehensive introduction to many of these phenomena and equipping prospective students to understand the physical concept and follow the latest developments in this field. The content and lectures are aimed to cater to the senior undergraduate and graduate students aspiring to do their advanced research in areas such as solid-state quantum computing technologies, quantum electrical sensing, and metrology.

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Topics for this course

31 Lessons

mod01lec01 – Introduction

mod01lec02 – Classical & Semi-classical Transport: Overview00:00:00
mod01lec03 – Quantum Transport Regimes00:00:00
mod02lec04 – Band-bending and Metal semiconductor Interface00:00:00
mod02lec05 – Semiconductor Heterostructures00:00:00
mod02lec06 – 2DEG and Electrostatic Gating00:00:00
mod03lec07 – Device Fabrication-Photolithography00:00:00
mod03lec08 – Device Fabrication-Electron-beam Lithography00:00:00
mod03lec09 – Quantum hall Effect-Overview00:00:00
mod04lec10 – Quantum Hall Effect: Quantization of electron orbitals, Landau levels00:00:00
mod04lec11 – Quantum Hall Effect: Lanau level, filling factor & Shubnikov-de-Haas effect00:00:00
mod04lec12 – Quantum Hall Effect: Edge states & Resistance Quantization00:00:00
mod05lec13 – Weak Localization00:00:00
mod05lec14 – Aharonov-Bohm Effect00:00:00
mod06lec15 – Ballistic 1D transport-Quantum Point contacts00:00:00
mod06lec16 – Ballistic 1D transport-Current from transmission00:00:00
mod06lec17 – Ballistic 1D transport-Quantum Point contacts00:00:00
mod07lec18 – 0D Transport-Single Electron Tunneling00:00:00
mod07lec19 – Single Electron Transistors, Coulomb Blockade00:00:00
mod07lec20 – Quantum Dots, Shell filling, Artificial Atoms00:00:00
mod08lec21 – Transport on Double Quantum Dots-I00:00:00
mod08lec22 – Transport on Double Quantum Dots-II00:00:00
mod09lec23 – Superconductivity-Introduction00:00:00
mod09lec24 – Superconducting tunnel junctions-Josephson effect-100:00:00
mod09lec25 – Superconducting tunnel junctions-Josephson effect-200:00:00
mod10lec26 – Charge sensing with quantum point contacts00:00:00
mod10lec27 – Charge sengin with single electron transistors00:00:00
mod10lec28 – Real-time charge sensing00:00:00
mod11lec29 – Quantum Electrical Metrology-I00:00:00
mod11lec30 – Quantum Electrical Metrology-II00:00:00
mod12lec31 – Superconducting qubits00:00:00
mod12lec32 – Quantum dot qubits00:00:00

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