Production Planning and Control

  • Course level: Intermediate


Production planning and control refer to two strategies that work cohesively throughout the manufacturing process. Production planning involves what to produce, when to produce it, how much to produce, and more. A long-term view of production planning is necessary to fully optimize the production flow.

Production control uses different control techniques to reach optimum performance from the production system to achieve throughput targets.

In this course you will learn the basic concepts of Production, Manufacturing processes, selection of an apt system for optimizing inventory, Product management to advanced planning and control techniques as such lot sizing, EOQ method, Order size calculation, Break-even analysis, Assembly line balancing, and many more.

Most suitable for students belonging to mechanical engineering, management, Industrial engineering, Production technology, and Manufacturing Science. Furthermore, this course covers all the topics for university students having PPC as one of the subject or a part of Industrial engineering and for ambitious Production managers employed in various industries.

Who this Production Planning and Control course are for:

  1. Mechanical engineering students having Industrial engineering as one of their subjects.
  2. University students having Production planning as one of the subjects
  3. Aspiring Production managers already working in an industry

What Will I Learn?

  • Manufacturing Planning and Control (MPC) system framework
  • • How Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) connects the functional units
  • • How MPC fits within ERP
  • • Performance metrics to evaluate Integrated System Effectiveness
  • • Monitoring the demand management system
  • • Sales & operations planning in the firm
  • • Master production scheduling techniques
  • • Materials requirements planning (MRP) in MPC
  • • Indented bills of material (BOM)
  • • The role of capacity planning in MPC system
  • • The linkages between MRP and Production Activity Control (PAC)
  • • Just in Time (JIT) impact on MPC
  • • Supply chain logistical elements
  • • Determining inventory systems performance

Topics for this course

36 Lessons

Production Planning and Control

Concept of Production Planning and Control00:00:00
Manufacturing Methods00:00:00
Inventory Models00:00:00
Material Requirement Planning00:00:00
Meaning of Production.00:00:00
Types of Production Systems.00:00:00
Types Of Manufacturing Processes (Job Shop, Batch, Mass, Flow, Process Type Manufacturing Processes)00:00:00
Meaning and Procedure of Production Planning & Control (PPC)00:00:00
Elements of Production Planning and Control (PPC)00:00:00
Requirements for an effective Production Planning and Control & Utility of PPC Based Productions.00:00:00
Scope of Production Planning and Control & Factors affecting PPC.00:00:00
Introduction to Production Planning and Control (PPC).00:00:00
Introduction to Material Requirements Planning (MRP)00:00:00
Concept of Material Requirements Planning (MRP)00:00:00
Classes of MRP User Companies, and Conditions for the successful implementation of MRP00:00:00
Inputs and Outputs in MRP System.00:00:00
Just-in-Time (JIT) Manufacturing System.00:00:00
What is Kanban? Kanban Visual Systems Explained in 4 stages Easily.00:00:00
Benefits of Material Requirement Planning (MRP) System00:00:00
Introduction to Inventory Management.00:00:00
Why Companies hold Inventories? Need for Inventory Management.00:00:00
Types of Inventory (Movement, Buffer, Anticipation, Decoupling, and Cycle Inventories)00:00:00
Inventory Decisions in Efficient Production Planning and Control00:00:00
Inventory Costs (Purchase Cost, Ordering Cost, Set-up Cost, Carrying Cost, Stockout Cost)00:00:00
When and Why to avoid Holding Inventories?00:00:00
Dependent and Independent Demand Inventories (Types of Inventories)00:00:00
Inventory Control – Cycle Counts and Inventory Audits.00:00:00
Components of Inventory Costs (Ordering Cost, Carrying Cost, Stock Out Cost & Cost of Replenishment)00:00:00
Introduction to Forecasting for Inventory and Production Control.00:00:00
Introduction to Aggregate Planning (Meaning, Concept, Objectives, Steps, Benefits, Inputs & Outputs)00:00:00
Parameters of Production Planning.00:00:00
Procedure for Production Planning.00:00:00
Basic Concepts of Inventory Planning (EOQ calculation, Continuous, & Periodic Ordering Model)00:00:00
What is Aggregate Planning? – Aggregate Planning concept, definition and how it works Explained.00:00:00
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