Product Design using Value Engineering in 2020

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Product Design (PD) using Value Engineering.

It has been established worldwide that the most prosperous economies are based on innovation and creativity-led entrepreneurship. The management is focusing on putting concerted efforts to produce work producers.

The current MOOC on (PD) using Value Engineering is conceptualized and planned in such a way that it helps both job creators as well as job seekers. The principal purpose of the course is to acquaint the learners/students with practical information regarding the conceptualization, design, and development of a new product with a focused Value Engineering Approach.

The need for a new product, the (PD) process, the application of Value Engineering principles in the (PD) method have been discussed in the course. The difference between the thought of Value Engineering and Cost Cutting has been elaborated with precedents.

The Value Engineering Job Plan (VEJP) has also been discussed, especially in the context of the product design process. Different types of product functions, their identification, definition, analysis has been explained with examples. Various concepts, such as the function-cost relationship have been explained with relevant and specific examples/ case studies.

INTENDED AUDIENCE: Engineers, Product Designers, Product Management Professionals, UG/PG students.


What Will I Learn?

  • Week 1:Introduction to Product Design and Development, Product Design Steps and Product Analysis, Profit Consideration, Value Engineering (History, Concept and Definitions), Value Engineering vs. Cost Cutting.
  • Week 2: Creative Thinking, Problem Identification and VEJP, Types of Product Functions, Functional Analysis, Functional Analysis System Technique.
  • Week 3:Function-Cost Relationship – I, Function-Cost Relationship - II, VE Applications in Product Design, Value Engineering:Case Study -I, Value Engineering: Case Study –II.
  • Week 4:VE Tools and Techniques – I, VE Tools and Techniques – II, , VE Success Stories –I, VE Success Stories -II .Behavioral Roadblocks

Topics for this course

21 Lessons

Product Design using Value Engineering

Product Design using Value Engineering00:00:00
Introduction to Product Design and Development00:00:00
Product Design Steps and Product Analysis00:00:00
Profit Consideration00:00:00
Value Engineering vs Cost Cutting00:00:00
Creative Thinking00:00:00
Problem Identification & VEJP00:00:00
Funtional Analysis00:00:00
Types of Product Functions00:00:00
Function-Cost Relationship-I00:00:00
Function -Cost Relationship-II00:00:00
VE Applications in Product Design00:00:00
Functional Analysis System Technique00:00:00
Value Engineering: Case Study I00:00:00
Value Engineering: Case Study-II00:00:00
Value Engineering(VE) History, Concept and Definitions00:00:00
VE Success Stories-I00:00:00
VE Success Stories-II00:00:00
VE Tools and Techniques -I00:00:00
VE Tools and Techniques-II00:00:00
Behavioral Roadblocks00:00:00
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