Physiology 1

  • Course level: Beginner


Physiology 1 is the study of normal function within living creatures. It is a sub-section of biology, covering a range of topics that include organs, anatomy, cells, biological compounds, and how they all interact to make life possible.

In Fundamentals Physiology, you’ll learn essential principles underlying how the human body functions, and see how this knowledge comes into play in real-world scenarios and in clinical settings from the intensive care unit to the cardiac catheterization lab.



What Will I Learn?

  • You will learn the important concepts that you will need to memorize & study for the physiology course .

Topics for this course

29 Lessons

Physiology 1

Physiology Intro Chapter 100:00:00
Ch 2 Pt 1 Molecular structure and Bonds00:00:00
Ch 2 Pt 2 Solubility Reactions and pH00:00:00
Ch 2 Pt 3 Biomolecules00:00:00
Chapter 3 – Cells00:00:00
Chapter 4 Pt1 Energy and Metabolism ATP00:00:00
Chapter 4 Part 2 Protein Synthesis00:00:00
Chapter 5 Diffusion and Osmosis00:00:00
Chapter 6 – Cell Signaling00:00:00
Chapter 7 Endocrine00:00:00
Chapter 8 Pt 1 Cells of the NS00:00:00
Chapter 8 Pt 2 Electrical Properties of Neurons00:00:00
Chapter 10 Sensory00:00:00
Chapter 11 Autonomic00:00:00
Chapter 12 Part 1 Muscle Contraction00:00:00
Chapter 12 Part 2 Muscle Metabolism00:00:00
Chapter 13 Reflexes00:00:00
Chapter 14 Part 1 Heart structure and Flow00:00:00
Chapter 14 Part 2 Electrical and Contractile Properites00:00:00
Chapter 15 Blood Flow and Pressure00:00:00
Chapter 16 Blood00:00:00
Chapter 17 Lungs Ventilation and Surfactant00:00:00
Chapter 18 Gas properties and pH regulation00:00:00
Chapter 19 Renal Nephron Filtration Reabsorption Secretion and Excretion00:00:00
Chapter 20 Renal Hormones and Urine Production00:00:00
Chapter 21- Digestion Part 1 – Mouth through Small Intestine including pancreas00:00:00
Chapter 21 Digestion Part 2 Small Intestine Large Intestine and Accessory Organs00:00:00
Chapter 26 Reproductive System Intro and Male00:00:00
Chapter 26 Reproductive System Female and Pregnancy00:00:00
Physiology 1
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  • You should have some background in high school level biology.