Physics II

  • Course level: Intermediate
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  • Last Update 24/06/2021


Before this Physics II lesson, students must finish the measurement unit.

In this lecture, they will able to define speed, velocity, displacement, acceleration, and gravitational acceleration.

Students will be able to draw graphs of speed, displacement, and acceleration depending on time. Moreover, they will be able to summarise displacement from speed vs time graph, and speed from acceleration vs time graph. They will be able to convert graphs.

In this lesson, we covered free fall. They will be able to make calculations about speed displacement and acceleration. They will deal with formulas, make calculations with numbers.

For IB and AP students, we covered motion in one dimension; however, we did not cover force. They will deal with acceleration without force.

Who this Physics II course is for:

  1. All Science Students
  2. IGCSE students

What Will I Learn?

  • how to interpret distance- time and speed- time graphs
  • how to calculate speed and distance

Topics for this course

39 Lessons

Physics II

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Physics II
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  • How to measure time
  • How to Measure Length