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PHR/SPHR Training. Professional HR certifications are impactful on an HR practitioner’s career. The Professional in Human Resources (PHR) and Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) are some of the most widely held certifications among HR professionals in North America.

Eligibility for the PHR and SPHR are both based on a professional level and educational requirements. In essence, the PHR is operational and the SPHR is strategic. Each certification supports your career in a different — but equally vital — way.

Know Your Career Goals in PHR/SPHR

Your specific interests and experiences in HR will help guide your decision between pursuing either the PHR or SPHR certification. The PHR provides support for HR professionals who directly manage employee and labor relations, business management, and talent planning and acquisition, among other projects. The PHR is focused on operational aspects of human resources. You’re more engaged in the day-to-day aspects of HR. PHR typically embodies roles that involve management and HR specializations.

The SPHR, on the other hand, is more strategic and organization-focused. In essence, you exhibit your leadership and strategy when maintaining employee engagement, expanding business relations, and acquiring talent. It’s more about the bigger picture. SPHR supports overarching strategy positions, such as chief human resources officer or chief people officer.

Many HR professionals get both, starting with the PHR. Once you have a strong foundation built on your tactical and operational experiences, you can then build on that with the strategic value of the SPHR.

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What Will I Learn?

  • Learn what is PHR and SPHR
  • Review all the PHR and SPHR bodies of knowledge that will be tested on the exam

Topics for this course

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PHR/SPHR Training course

Exam Prep Terms & Concepts00:00:00
PHR Certification Exam Questions00:00:00
5 Rules (and One Secret Weapon) for Acing Multiple Choice Tests00:00:00
Need to prep for the SPHR or PHR exam tests?–here is a rapid fire cram session!!00:00:00
aPHR Study Guide- Part 100:00:00
aPHR Study Guide – Part 200:00:00
aPHR Study Guide – Part 300:00:00
aPHR Study Guide – Part 400:00:00
PHR Certification Exam Questions00:00:00
PHR Study Guide FMLA00:00:00
PHR Exam Prep Introduction Unit 5 Employee & Labor Relations00:00:00
Compensation & Benefits00:00:00
HR Management: Compensation & Incentives00:00:00
HR Management: Ethics & Fairness00:00:00
HR Management: Planning & Forecasting00:00:00
What Is The Best Way To Study And Pass Certification Exams?00:00:00
HR Certificate: Sneak Peek into Human Resources Training Essentials Webinar00:00:00
Elevate Your HR Career00:00:00
PHR/SPHR Prep – Business Mgt & Strategy 200:00:00
PHR/SPHR Prep – EE & Labor Relations part-100:00:00
PHR/SPHR Prep – Compensation00:00:00
PHR/SPHR Prep – Workforce Planning & Employment 100:00:00
PHR/SPHR Prep – Workforce Planning & Employment Part 200:00:00
PHR/SPHR Prep – Benefits00:00:00
PHR/SPHR Prep -Business Management & Strategy00:00:00
PHR/SPHR Prep – EE & Labor Relations Part 200:00:00
PHR/SPHR Prep- Human Resources Development I00:00:00
PHR/SPHR Prep – Human Resources Development 200:00:00
Should I take an PHR/SPHR/aPHR Accreditation Study Course ?00:00:00
Human Resources Certificate – Information Session00:00:00
10th Grade Vocabulary Words | Teacher’s List00:00:00
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