Optical Fiber Sensors I

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Optical Fiber Sensors is intended as a senior undergraduate/graduate-level course that introduces the different types of optical sensor technologies and their applications in metrology, navigation, and structural health monitoring.

The learning objectives of the course include:

Identify different types of optical sensors and their performance characteristics

Analyze a given sensing requirement and design appropriate sensor

Realize and implement an optimal sensing solution for a given requirement

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Topics for this course

20 Lessons

Optical Fiber Sensors _ Course Introduction

Introduction to optical sensors00:00:00
Different types of optical sensors00:00:00
Overview of Distributed Sensors00:00:00
Optical Sensors System00:00:00
Optical Sources00:00:00
Optical receivers – 100:00:00
Optical receivers – 200:00:00
Optical receivers – 300:00:00
Optical receiver design00:00:00
Noise Analysis00:00:00
Sensor Performance characteristics00:00:00
Noise Mitigation Techniques00:00:00
Lock in detection00:00:00
Amplitude modulated sensors-100:00:00
Gas absorption spectroscopy by Dr Anish Bekal00:00:00
Amplitude modulated sensors-200:00:00
Amplitude modulated sensors-300:00:00
Amplitude modulated sensors-400:00:00
Problem Discussion00:00:00
Pulse-oximeter by Prof V Jagadeesh Kumar1:01:47

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