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About Course

Node-Js tutorial is a platform that enables the participants to build high-performance, event-driven, real-time, and scalable networking applications just by using JavaScript.

Node.js training will train you to build networking and web-based applications that are far more superior and efficient than applications built in other languages.

Node-Js tutorial for Beginners” will help you learn Node.js along with practical demonstration. This video will start with Node.js basics and will also cover Node.js modules, Ecpress.js, etc.


Why learn Node.js?

Node.js uses JavaScript – a language known to millions of developers worldwide – thus giving it a much lower learning curve even for complete beginners. Using Node.js you can build simple Command Line programs or complex enterprise-level web applications with equal ease. Node.js is an event-driven, server-side, asynchronous development platform with lightning-speed execution. Node.js helps you to code the most complex functionalities in just a few lines of code.


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What Will You Learn?

  • 1) learn Client Server Architecture
  • 2) Limitations of Multi-Threaded Model
  • 3) What is Node.js?
  • 4) what is the Features of Node.js
  • 5) Node.js Installation
  • 6) Blocking Vs. Non – Blocking I/O
  • 7) Creating Node.js Program
  • 8) Node.js Modules
  • 9) Demo – Grocery List Web Application using Node.js

Course Content

Node.Js Tutorial Videos

  • Node.js Tutorial for Beginners
  • Installing Node.js
  • What is Node.js
  • How to Install Node.js
  • Building RESTful API with Node.js
  • Node.js MySQL Tutorial
  • Node.js Express Tutorial
  • What is REST API?
  • Node JS Express – Steps to create Restful Web App
  • Overview of Javascript
  • Express.js Tutorial
  • Why Node.js
  • Node.js NPM Basics Tutorial
  • Node.js Modules
  • Objects in Javascript and Node.js
  • Node.js MongoDB Tutorial
  • Top 50 Node.js Interview Questions and Answers

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