Neural Network using MATLAB in 2020

  • Course level: Beginner


Neural Network using MATLAB in 2020

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to the neural network for the data fitting problems using MATLAB. Attendees will learn to construct, train, and simulate different kinds of neural networks. A set of practical problems are solved in this course. At the end of this course, you will be able to solve the Neural Network problems using the MATLAB – Neural Network Toolbox. The MATLAB scripts and functions included in the class are also available for download. Happy learning.

NB: This course is designed most straightforwardly to utilize your time wisely.

Who this Neural Network using MATLAB course is for:

  1. Those who would like to build a strong career in science/engineering through MATLAB programming skills.

What Will I Learn?

  • Introductory Concepts of Neural Network
  • Construction, Training, and Simulation of Neural Network in MATLAB ToolBox
  • Gain Hands-On Experience With MATLAB Neural Network Programming

Topics for this course

18 Lessons

Neural Network using MATLAB

Introduction to Neural Networks Course00:00:00
Introduction to Neural Network | Episode #100:00:00
Data Fitting Neural network GUI | Episode #200:00:00
Function Approximation using Data fitting Neural Network | Episode #300:00:00
Time Series Neural Network GUI | Episode #400:00:00
Data Forecasting Using Time Series Neural Network | Episode #500:00:00
Pattern Recognition Neural Network GUI | Episode #600:00:00
Classifying Inputs into 4 different classes using Pattern Recognition in Neural Network | Episode #700:00:00
Clustering Neural Network GUI | Episode #800:00:00
Segregating prominant colours from input image in Neural Network | Episode #900:00:00
Autoencoders in MATLAB | Neural Network | Episode #1000:00:00
Character Recognization application using MNSIT Dataset | Neural Network | Episode #1100:00:00
Introduction to Neural Networks in Control Systems | Episode #1200:00:00
Model Predictive Control System | Neural Network | Episode #1300:00:00
NARMA-L2 (or Feedback Linearization) Control System | Neural Network | Episode #1400:00:00
Model Reference Control System | Neural Network | Episode #1500:00:00
Radial Basis Function Neural Network in MATLAB | Episode #1600:00:00
​Introduction to Neural Network00:00:00
Neural Network using MATLAB in 2020

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  • MATLAB installed on your laptop or desktop