Microsoft Word 2013 Tutorials

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About This Course
In this Microsoft Word 2013 tutorial, Infinite Skills teaches you how to use this popular word processing software. You will learn the basics of creating and formatting documents in Word, and how to use the most popular tools that Microsoft makes available to you in the 2013 release. This tutorial is designed for the absolute beginner and no prior experience in Microsoft Word is required.

This Microsoft Word 2013  tutorial will show you how to create and format your Microsoft Word 2013  documents in short, easy-to-understand videos. Using the working files that are provided, you will be able to practice the lessons throughout this Word 2013 tutorial, re-enforcing what you learn. Some of the topics that are covered include; setting document properties, adding headers and footers, protecting your documents, formatting your text, working with tables, using Autotext. You will also learn how to add shapes, images, and even charts to your documents.

Who this course is for:

  • Users Of All Levels

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn How To Become A Power User With Microsoft Word
  • A Practical Based Course That Uses Hands-On Examples To Teach
  • Learn The Skills Required To Use Microsoft Word In A Commercial Environment

Topics for this course

20 Lessons

Microsoft Word 2013 Tutorials for Beginners

An Introduction to Using Word 201300:00:00
What’s New in Word 201300:00:00
Using Word 2013 with a Touch Device00:00:00
How to Open and Save a Word 2013 Document00:00:00
Using Online and Offline Help for Word 201300:00:00
Setting Preferences and Options in Word 201300:00:00
Understanding the Word 2013 Ribbon00:00:00
The Quick Access Toolbar (QAT)00:00:00
Using the Mini Toolbar00:00:00
Backup, Autosave and Autorecover in Word 201300:00:00
Entering and Editing Text in a Word 2013 Document00:00:00
Navigation, Word Wrapping, Selecting Text in Word 201300:00:00
Inserting Symbols, Date, Time, and Document Property00:00:00
How to Cut, Copy and Paste in Microsoft Word00:00:00
Using the Word 2013 Navigation Pane00:00:00
Using Find and Replace in Word 201300:00:00
Using Keyboard Shortcuts and Key Tips in Word 201300:00:00
Print Layout, Web Layout, and Draft Views00:00:00
How to Zoom In or Out of a Word Document00:00:00
How to Open a Word 2013 Document in Read Only Mode00:00:00
Microsoft Word 2013
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