Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Active Directory 70-640

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Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Active Directory 70-640

Whether you’re an experienced database administrator getting up to speed on Server 2008, or a brand-new network admin learning Active Directory from the ground up, this is the course for you. James Conrad’s video course Configuring Active Directory for Windows Server 2008 includes plenty of tools to help you shine as an administrator.

it will starts by giving you a nuts-and-bolts background understanding of this terrific Microsoft product, then he shows you lots of cool Server 2008 tools that were unavailable in previous versions of Active Directory.

In no time, you’ll be an expert administering Microsoft Windows Server 2008 roles and features and be ready to take Microsoft’s MCTS exam 70-640. Passing this exam also moves you closer to two Server 2008 MCITP certifications: Enterprise Administrator and Server Administrator.

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What Will I Learn?

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Topics for this course

100 Lessons

70-640 Active Directory

MCITP 70-640: Introduction To Active Directory00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: New Features in Windows Server 2008 R2 and Service Pack 100:00:00
MCITP 70-640: Active Directory Under The Hood00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: Active Directory forest and trees00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: Active Directory System Requirments00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: Installing Active Directory00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: Installing Active Directory on Server Core00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: Global Catalog Server00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: Operation Master Roles00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: Moving Operation Master Roles00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: Operators Master Role Placement Global catalog00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: Seizing roles00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: Setting an External Time Source00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: Active Directory Domain Functional Levels00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: Active Directory Forest Functional Levels00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: Upgrading Active Directory00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: Active Directory adding a child domain00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: Active Directory Trusts00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: Sites and Subnets00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: Active Directory Replication00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: Active Directory Accounts00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: Creating a user00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: Active Directory Computer Accounts00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: Active Directory Groups00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: Active Directory different group types available00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: Default Local Groups00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: Built-in Groups Domain Controllers and Server00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: Domain Groups00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: Special Identities00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: Group Strategy AGDLP00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: AGUDLP Group Strategy00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: Universal Group Membership Caching00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: Windows Contacts00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: Protected Admin00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: Managed Service Accounts00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: Offline Domain Join00:00:00
MCITP 70-640:Organizational Unit & Shadow Groups00:00:00
MCITP 70-640:Delegation of Control00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: Active Directory Command Line Tools00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: CSVDE and LDIFDE00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: PowerShell00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: VBScript00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: Active Directory Migration Tool (ADMT)00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: RSAT & Snap-ins00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: Group Policy Introduction00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: Group Policy New Features00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: Configuring Group Policy00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: Installing Group Policy Tools00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: Group Policy Processing Order00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: Enforcing and Blocking Group Policy00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: Group Policy Loopback Processing00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: Group Policy Preferences00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: Group Policy Starter GPOS00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: Group Policy Filtering00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: Group Policy Replication00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: Group Policy Restricted Groups00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: Local Group Management with Preferences00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: Group Policy Software Installation Introduction00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: Group Policy Software Install Demonstration00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: AppLocker00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: Group Policy Optimization00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: Troubleshooting Group Policy00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: Windows Security Settings and Security Templates00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: Security Configuration Wizard00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: Windows Auditing00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: Active Directory Windows Auditing00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: Active Directory Password Polices00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: Fine Grained Password Policy00:00:00
MCITP 70-640: Deny Domain Local Group00:00:00
Windows DNS Install Requirements00:00:00
DNS install on Windows Server 2008 R200:00:00
DNS Namespace00:00:00
Recursive and Iterative Queries00:00:00
Configuring Root Hints on Windows00:00:00
DNS Zones00:00:00
Windows DNS Zone Demonstration00:00:00
Creating DNS Records using Microsoft DNS00:00:00
DNS Time to live, aging and scavenging00:00:00
DNS Delegation Using Windows DNS00:00:00
DNS Round Robin and Netmask Ordering00:00:00
DNS GlobalNames00:00:00
DNS Forwarding and Conditional Forwarding00:00:00
DNS and Active Directory Partitions00:00:00
DNS Split Brain00:00:00
Claim Based Identity Systems00:00:00
Claims explained00:00:00
Federation Services Terminology00:00:00
AD FS Features00:00:00
AD FS Minimum Requirements and Prerequisites00:00:00
AD FS Components00:00:00
Installing Enterprise CA for AD FS on Windows Server 2008 R200:00:00
Setting up HighCost Training AD FS 2008 R200:00:00
Relying Party Trust Theory00:00:00
AD FS Configuring a Relying Party Trust Windows Server 2008 R200:00:00
AD FS Claims Provider Trust00:00:00
Claims Provider Trust Demonstration00:00:00
What is new in Certificate Services 2008 R200:00:00
Components of Certificate Services Unlisted00:00:00
Standalone and Enterprise CA’s00:00:00
Setup CRL Distribution Points00:00:00
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