Microsoft 70-742: Identity in Windows Server 2016

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This Microsoft 70-742: Identity in Windows Server 2016 course teaches IT professionals on the deployment, configuration, and troubleshooting of identity services such as Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) and Group Policy in Windows Server 2016. Additionally, this course also covers the deployment and installation of other Active Directory server roles, such as Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) and Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS).

The course 70-742: Identity in Windows Server 2016 is part of a three-course series required to pass the MCSA: Windows Server 2016 certification. The course curriculum is designed keeping in view the exam topics covered in the Microsoft exam 70-742. In this way, this course is equally helpful for IT professionals looking to gain their knowledge as well as the candidates willing to appear in the said exam.

Who this Microsoft 70-742 course is for:

  1. The typical audience for this course includes:
  2. System administrators who are looking to gain knowledge about identity and access technologies with Windows Server 2016
  3. Infrastructure administrators with general AD DS experience and knowledge who are looking to cross-train in core and advanced identity and access technologies in Windows Server 2016

What Will I Learn?

  • Deploy and configure Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS)
  • Operate and maintain AD DS
  • Create, manage and troubleshoot Group Policy
  • Implement Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS)
  • Design and implement identity federation and access solutions

Topics for this course

92 Lessons

Microsoft 70-742: Identity in Windows Server 2016

Course Overview00:00:00
The Changing Roles of Servers00:00:00
Windows Server 2016 Editions00:00:00
Understanding Identity00:00:00
Windows Server Certifications00:00:00
About the Exam00:00:00
Exam Prep00:00:00
Taking the Exam00:00:00
Windows Server 2016 Hardware Requirements00:00:00
Running CoreInfo00:00:00
Getting Windows Server 201600:00:00
Installing Windows Server 201600:00:00
Activation is Required00:00:00
Server Manager Basics pt 100:00:00
Server Manager Basics pt 200:00:00
Changing the Server Host Name00:00:00
Understanding Active Directory00:00:00
Sites, Domains, and OUs00:00:00
Domain Controller Basics00:00:00
Creating a New Forest pt 100:00:00
Creating a New Forest pt 200:00:00
Installing a DC pt 100:00:00
Installing a DC pt 200:00:00
Installing a DC pt 300:00:00
AD DS on Server Core pt 100:00:00
AD DS on Server Core pt 200:00:00
Install DC from Media pt 100:00:00
Install DC from Media pt 200:00:00
Understanding RODCs00:00:00
Global Catalog Basics00:00:00
Configuring a GC00:00:00
Domain Controller Cloning00:00:00
Understanding Master Roles00:00:00
Transferring Master Roles00:00:00
Resolving DNS Issues00:00:00
Understanding Users and Computers00:00:00
Creating Users with ADUC00:00:00
Creating Computer Accounts with ADAC00:00:00
Copying Users and Computers00:00:00
Deleting Users00:00:00
Offline Domain Join00:00:00
User Rights00:00:00
Unlocking and Enabling Accounts00:00:00
Understanding Groups00:00:00
Creating a Group pt 100:00:00
Creating a Group pt 200:00:00
Understanding OUs pt 100:00:00
Understanding OUs pt 200:00:00
OUs and AD Management00:00:00
Automating Group Membership pt 100:00:00
Automating Group Membership pt 200:00:00
AD Management Basics00:00:00
Account Policies pt 100:00:00
Account Policies pt 200:00:00
Understanding gMSAs00:00:00
Virtual Accounts00:00:00
Understanding PSOs pt 100:00:00
Understanding PSOs pt 200:00:00
Delegating Password Management00:00:00
AD Backup and Recovery pt 100:00:00
AD Backup and Recovery pt 200:00:00
Performing an AD Backup00:00:00
Performing an AD Recovery00:00:00
Managing AD Offline pt 100:00:00
Managing AD Offline pt 200:00:00
Upgrading Domains and Forests00:00:00
Understanding Functional Levels00:00:00
Understanding Group Policy pt 100:00:00
Understanding Group Policy pt 200:00:00
Creating and Linking GPOs00:00:00
Creating and Using Starter GPOs00:00:00
Domain based GPOs pt 100:00:00
Domain based GPOs pt 200:00:00
Backup and Restore GPOs00:00:00
Backup and Restore GPOs00:00:00
Group Policy Processing00:00:00
GPO Security Filtering00:00:00
Forcing Updates00:00:00
Understanding Certificates00:00:00
PKI Basics00:00:00
Certificate Services Basics00:00:00
Standalone or Enterprise00:00:00
Installing AD CS pt 100:00:00
Installing AD CS pt 200:00:00
Manual Certificate Request pt 100:00:00
Manual Certificate Request pt 200:00:00
Manual Certificate Request pt 300:00:00
Managing Certificates00:00:00
CA Backup and Recovery00:00:00
Windows PKI Documentation00:00:00
Course Wrap Up00:00:00
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  • Students who are willing to enroll in this course should be familiar with the concepts of Active Directory, DNS, and other identity services offered by Microsoft.
  • Job or other hands-on experience in a Microsoft environment is a must to fully grasp the concepts taught in this course.