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In this course, we will learn the 8086 Microprocessor Architecture. We will get in touch with memory segmentation to the core concept. we will learn the working mechanism of the 8086 in detail.

This course is for all who want to learn 8086. we will get in touch with memory segmentation, EU, BIU with registers function, and much more. After learning this course you will easily understand the difference between 8085 and 8086 too. You don’t need any software For this. If you are not familiar with Microprocessor it’s ok because we will be going from scratch level. But Understanding microprocessors, transistors before enrolling in this course will be a plus point.
we will learn about architecture only in this course. Moreover, there will be resources provided that will help you to learn smartly.

Who this course is for:

  1. Anyone who wants to learn 8086 Architecture

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn the working mechanism of 8086 Microprocessor Architecture in Depth.

Topics for this course

36 Lessons

8086 Microprocessor Complete Tutorials

8086 MP Architecture00:00:00
8086 Microprocessor Addressing Modes00:00:00
8086 Microprocessor pipelined Architecture00:00:00
8086 Microprocessor Timing Diagram00:00:00
8086 Microprocessor Flag Register00:00:00
8086 Microprocessor pin Diagram00:00:00
8086 Microprocessor Features00:00:00
8086 Microprocessor Register organization00:00:00
8086 Instruction Format00:00:00
Embedded Designer Interview Questions on 8086 Microprocessor00:00:00
Interfacing of Stepper Motor00:00:00
Assembler Directives00:00:00
8085 Microprocessor00:00:00
Difference Between 8086 80286 80386 80486 Processors00:00:00
8255 PPI (Programmable Peripheral Interface)00:00:00
Physical Address Generation of 8086 MP00:00:00
interview Questions on Microprocessor00:00:00
Difference Between 8086 and 8088 Microprocessor00:00:00
8086 Microprocessor Interrupts00:00:00
Difference Between Macro and Procedure00:00:00
Execution of Assembly Language program on 8086 Microprocessor KIT00:00:00
Context ? , Interrupt latency ? , Interrupt Service Routine ?00:00:00
RTOS vs GPOS (Real Time Operating System vs General Purpose Operating System )00:00:00
what is key De-bouncing?00:00:00
Look up Table – why do we need ?00:00:00
what is Bus Cycle ?00:00:00
I/O mapped I/O and Memory mapped I/O00:00:00
CISC & RISC Comparison (Complex Instruction Set Computer and Reduced Instruction Set Computer)00:00:00
AMD vs Intel , Which one is better ? Comparison of MicroProcessors00:00:00
Compare Pentium Processors (Pentium P 1 ,Pentium 2 , Pentium 3 )00:00:00
Sum of ‘N’ Numbers ALP – Assembly Language Program -MASM00:00:00
Assembly Language Program(ALP) Development Tools00:00:00
why Two Ground Pins for 8086 Microprocessor00:00:00
what is primary Memory and secondary Memory00:00:00
Display Massage on Screen – Assembly Language Program00:00:00
why the Name ‘Pentium’ – Processor00:00:00
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  • You don't need any software. If you are familier with microprocessor then it will be plus point.