Medical Physics

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The Medical Physics study programmed mainly consists of the studies of individual, environmental, and substance exposure to radiation, focusing on the use of radiation for treatment and diagnosis of oncological diseases, and protection of individual and environment from unreasonable radiation.

This course presents the fundamental principles and objectives of health physics (radiation protection), the quantities of radiation dosimetry (the absorbed dose, equivalent dose, and effective dose) used to evaluate human radiation risks, elementary shielding calculations, and protection measures for clinical

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What Will I Learn?

  • Learn basics of Medical Physics

Topics for this course

12 Lessons

Medical Physics

X rays- the X ray tube00:00:00
X rays – production – braking and characteristic radiation00:00:00
X rays – attenuation part 100:00:00
X rays – attenuation part 200:00:00
X rays – image intensifiers and contrast media00:00:00
CAT / CT scanners00:00:00
Nuclear medicine and tracers part 100:00:00
Nuclear medicine and tracers part 2 the gamma camera00:00:00
MRI part 1, the physics behind MRI00:00:00
MRI part 2 – localisation of the signal and the MRI machine00:00:00
Ultrasound part 1 production and principles00:00:00
ultrasound part 2 types of scan, A-scans, B-scans and M-scans00:00:00
Medical Physics
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