Medical Ethics & Law

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Medical Ethics and Law, established in 1978, examines in-depth the legal and ethical questions raised by medical practice and science. The Medical Law only program is a pathway under the MA Medical Ethics and Law. Students can decide at induction which program they wish to pursue (ethics and law; or law only, with the option of taking one ethics module).

There are always developments in medical practice and science of great interest to medical ethics and law. Huge legal and ethical questions are raised by advances in fields such as genetics and assisted reproduction. In a changing moral climate, debates about conflicts between a pregnant woman and her fetus, or about physician-assisted suicide, are very much alive. There are challenging ethical and legal questions about psychiatry, about capacity issues in relation to treatment decisions, about the allocation of scarce medical resources, about autonomy and public health, and many other issues.

These courses are designed for medical or legal professionals, graduates of a relevant discipline, and those embarking on further research in this area. You will study the methods of reasoning and analysis in law and ethics (if doing the joint program, or mainly law if doing the medical law programmed) and examine selected areas of health care and medical practice from medical law and ethics perspective.


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Topics for this course

15 Lessons

Medical Ethics & Law

Medical Ethics 1 – Moral Theories00:00:00
Medical Ethics 2 – The Four Principles – Prima Facie Autonomy, Beneficence, NonMaleficence & Justice00:00:00
Medical Ethics 3 – Confidentiality & Privacy00:00:00
Medical Ethics 4 – Doctor – Patient Relationship00:00:00
Medical Ethics 5 – Consent00:00:00
Medical Ethics 6 – Resource Allocation QALY & Needs Based Model00:00:00
Medical Law 1 – Human Rights Act 199800:00:00
Medical Law – Medical Negligence and Bolam Test – Tort Law00:00:00
Medical Law – Bolitho v. City and Hackney Health Authority – Medical Negligence00:00:00
Medical Law – Informed Consent – Montgomery v Lanarkshire Health Board00:00:00
Medical Law – Consent in a Minor – Gillick Competence & Fraser Guidelines00:00:00
Medical Law – Mental Capacity Act 200500:00:00
Medical Law – Mental Health Act 198300:00:00
Stealth Build – ANTEC P120 Time-Lapse00:00:00
Medical Law – GDPR & Data Protection Act 201800:00:00
Medical Ethics & Law
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