Mechanics of Machining the complete guide in 2020

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Mechanics of Machining.

Machining is a metal removal process, which can be accomplished by applying force on the raw material using a cutting tool. This Mechanics of Machining course aims at explaining the physics of the cutting process. The course will contain a discussion of statics, kinematics, and kinetics of the cutting process. Experimental findings relevant to the mechanics of the process will also be discussed. The course will also include an introductory discussion on non-traditional machining processes.

Mechanics of Machining COURSE LAYOUT

Week 1:   Deformation of metals, Mechanism of plastic deformation, Machining processes: Single edge tool, types of chips
Week 2:  Tool geometry: single-point cutting tool specifications, conversion of tool angles, Multi-point cutting tools Mechanics of orthogonal cutting, force relationships
Week 3:   Determination of stress, strain, and strain rate Measurement of shear angle Other analysis for force relationships
Week 4:   Mechanics of oblique cutting Measurement of cutting forces
Week 5:  Thermal aspects of machining: Temperatures in orthogonal cutting Tool wear and tool life and tool life equations Economics in machining
Week 6:   Practical machining operations: Turning and shaping & planning operation Practical machining operations: milling and drilling Grinding of metals and mechanics of the grinding process
Week 7:   Abrasive machining and finishing operations CNC machines and CNC programming
Week 8:   Introduction to advanced machining processes

What Will I Learn?

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Topics for this course

21 Lessons

Mechanics of Machining

Mechanics of Machining [Introduction Video]00:00:00
Deformation of Metals00:00:00
Mechanism of Plastic Deformation00:00:00
Machining Processes: Single Edge Tool, Types of Chips00:00:00
Tool Geometry: Single Point Cutting Tool Specifications00:00:00
Tool Specifications, Conversion Of Tool Angles, Multi-Point Cutting Tools00:00:00
Mechanics of Orthogonal Cutting, Force Relationships00:00:00
Determination of Stress, Strain and Strain Rate00:00:00
Measurement of Shear Angle00:00:00
Other Analysis for Force Relationships00:00:00
Mechanics of Oblique Cutting00:00:00
Measurement of Cutting Forces1:05:57
Thermal Aspects Of Machining: Temperatures in Orthogonal Cutting00:00:00
Tool Wear and Tool Life and Tool Life Equations00:00:00
Economics in Machining00:00:00
Practical Machining Operations: Turning And Shaping & Planning Operation00:00:00
Practical Machining Operations: Milling And Drilling00:00:00
Grinding of Metals and Mechanics of Grinding Process00:00:00
Abrasive Machining and Finishing Operations00:00:00
CNC Machines and CNC Programming00:00:00
Introduction to Advanced Machining Processes00:00:00
Mechanics of Machining

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