Mechanics and Control of Robotic Manipulators

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Mechanics and Control of Robotic Manipulators

The goal of this course is to teach students how to model, simulate, and control spatial multi-degree-of-freedom robotic manipulators. The kinematics and dynamics of robotic manipulators will be studied in particular. To gain a better understanding of the practical aspect of robotics, laboratory exercises will be carried out.

The use of MATLAB as a tool for robot system analysis and simulation is a side-objective. This course gives you hands-on experience with technical writing and presentation.

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What Will I Learn?

  • will be able to compute the mobility of planar and spatial structures, mechanisms, and serial and parallel robots (number of degrees of freedom). will be able to use the mathematical foundations of motion description, such as rotation matrices, to their work. 
  •  will be able to calculate Denavit-Hartenberg parameters for planar and spatial serial robot chains.
  • kinematics of forward and inverse velocity
  • polynomials for joint-space trajectory generation

Topics for this course

27 Lessons

Introduction – Mechanics and Control of Robotic Manipulators

Forward kinematic solution using Matlab00:00:00
Inverse kinematic solution based on numerical methods using Matlab00:00:00
Introduction to differential kinematics00:00:00
Velocity propogation model for serial manipulators and Jacobian matrix00:00:00
Velocity propogation model using Matlab00:00:00
Manipulator Statics and Workspace singularities00:00:00
Introduction to robot dynamics and Lagrange-Euler method00:00:00
Newton-Euler method00:00:00
Equation of motion in state-space form00:00:00
Dynamic model derivation using Newton-Euler method in Matlab00:00:00
Dynamic model derivation using Lagrange-Euler method in Matlab00:00:00
Dynamic simulation of serial manipulators using Matlab00:00:00
introduction to trajectory generation00:00:00
Trajectory generation using smooth functions00:00:00
Trajectory generation schemes for serial manipulators00:00:00
Trajectory generation using Matlab part 200:00:00
Trajectory generation for serial manipulators with workspace using matlab00:00:00
Introduction to robot motion control00:00:00
Types of robot manipulator control and concerns00:00:00
Kinematic control00:00:00
Matlab simulation on kinematic control00:00:00
Dynamic control00:00:00
Simulations related to dynamic control schemes using Matlab part 100:00:00
Cascaded control design00:00:00
Simulations related to dynamic control schemes using Matlab part 200:00:00
Simulations related to dynamic control schemes using Matlab part 300:00:00
Kinematic and dynamic models of a mobile robot using DH approach00:00:00

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