Marketing strategies

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Marketing strategies

If you want to be a business owner or a corporate executive tasked with making business choices, you’ll need to master three key disciplines:

  • Business Planning
  • Leadership and Management
  • Marketing Techniques

There’s no getting around it. It is feasible to be an entrepreneur and CEO without an MBA or a business degree if you have a technical background; nevertheless, it is not viable to be any of these things without understanding:

  • Creating a Marketing Strategy
    Performing market research
    Primary data collection for marketing research
    Creating customer segments
    Choosing a client segment to target
    Understanding the Marketing 4Ps
    Organizing a company’s goods
    Product branding is really important.
    Product packaging’s subtleties
    Recognizing the elements that influence product price
    The proper approach to product pricing
    Product distribution planning
    Creating a successful marketing campaign
    In a fast-paced setting, working with the four Ps of Marketing
    Creating and Monitoring Key Performance Indicators
    Customer Lifetime Value Calculation and Monitoring

If you’ve decided to pursue a business-related job, whether as an entrepreneur or a corporate executive, knowing these topics will be quite beneficial.

This course is intended for the following individuals:

This course should be taken by everyone who wants to learn about the filing requirements, credit possibilities, and refunds available to them. This course will help you better prepare your taxes in the future.


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