Lighting Design in electrical distribution

  • Course level: Intermediate


Most Lighting Design (LD) courses are highly technical and specialized, combining electrical knowledge and engineering with design skills. This (LD) course is the first (LD) course of its kind to focus specifically on interior lighting for lighting designers. In this (LD) course, you’ll learn how to achieve a variety of lighting effects and how to select all the components that are an essential part of every good (LD) (ie. lamps, luminaires, and controls). You’ll also learn how to produce plans & specifications so you can work knowledgeably with clients and alongside other professionals (ie. other lighting designers, architects & electricians).

LD is an exciting and challenging field and if you love diversity and being creative then you are well suited to becoming an (LD). Until recently, lighting was viewed as a mere necessity; something we merely need to see our environment and the space we occupy. It is now widely understood that the quality of lighting can also affect our health and safety, impact our mood, and even influence the way we behave within certain spaces. Quality (LD) can enrich the quality of our lives, but retro-fitting presents many difficulties so lighting designers must envision, plan, and implement their (LD) during the earliest phases of building construction. This is one of the challenges of LD…

Good lighting designers are problem solvers, determining where light is needed, and designing it with the economy and creative flair. Successful completion of this (LD) course will enable you to do the same and join the ranks of new lighting designers with confidence!


What Will I Learn?

  • Learn everything about lighting design.

Topics for this course

14 Lessons

lighting Design in electrical distribution

Our Target in this playlist00:00:00
Introduction to Lighting Design in Electrical Distribution course .00:00:00
What are the steps of lighting design in electric Distribution ?00:00:00
what are the types of the ceilings? and how to save AutoCad plan as DXF?00:00:00
how to create a new Room on DIAlux ?00:00:00
How to insert luminaires by Field Arrangement in Dialux ?00:00:00
How to insert luminaires by Line Arrangement in Dialux ?00:00:00
how to Export a room from DIAlux to AutoCad ? commands (Copy , Rotate , lisp”CB” )00:00:00
How to Create a lighting legend in Autocad ?00:00:00
#1 wiring in lighting design using Autocad , commands (line , arc , ew “lisp”)00:00:00
#2 how to make perfect wiring in Lighting design by using AutoCad ?(Common Mistakes)00:00:00
#3 continue wiring in lighting design using Autocad (Normal and Emergency)00:00:00
what are the types of switches in lighting legend and how to distribute them using Autocad ?00:00:00
Naming of Lines in lighting design using AutoCad (LP, ELP,LCP)00:00:00
Lighting Design in electrical distribution

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  • None – just the ability to read & write clearly, commitment, and a willingness to learn