KiCad 5

  • Course level: Intermediate


This short course on KiCad 5 gives a basic idea about the usage of open-source software tool KiCad 5 for the creation of electronic schematic diagrams and PCB artwork. This course enables you to design your PCBs with its precise yet simple explanations for a beginner to understand the concepts and guidelines of PCB design.

The course introduces the KiCad tool for schematic entry and PCB layout design of single-layer and two-layer boards with examples for each. You will understand the various stages of design validation using ERC and DRC checks to result in more reliable PCBs. The method used in the course gives you a pleasant learning experience without beating around the bushes.

To the point, precise and effective instructions and yet short video lessons are the highlights of the course. The lessons on the schematic symbol, footprint creation, and differential pairs are added to give you an insight into the practical design challenges.


What Will I Learn?

  • Drawing circuit schematics
  • PCB Layout: Single & Two-layer design
  • Creation of Gerber files
  • Library part creation
  • BOM generation
  • ERC and DRC

Topics for this course

37 Lessons

KiCad 5 Tutorial

New Project & Schematic Capture00:00:00
Schematic Details & DRC00:00:00
Footprints & Netlist00:00:00
PCB Layout00:00:00
Prepare For Manufacture & Improved Board Outline00:00:00
Via Cleanup00:00:00
Fancy Board Outline!00:00:00
Silk Screen Text & Using .png Files on a Schematic00:00:00
Installing the Digikey Symbol & Footprint Libraries00:00:00
Making Design Revisions00:00:00
Revising My Revisions00:00:00
Build & Test 2044-breadboard-power Rev 300:00:00
Creating new Symbols00:00:00
Creating new Footprints00:00:00
Copying & Altering Symbols00:00:00
Creating a Footprint With Slotted Holes00:00:00
Net Names, Busses & the Netlist File00:00:00
Multisheet Schematics00:00:00
Flat Multisheet Design00:00:00
Hierarchical Labels & Pins00:00:00
Symbols With Multiple Units00:00:00
Creating New Symbols With Multiple Units00:00:00
4 Layer PCB Layout00:00:00
Laying out Parallel Busses On An Arduino Nano EEPROM Programmer00:00:00
PCB Mounting Holes00:00:00
Using a Net Tie00:00:00
Creating a BIll of Materials (BOM)00:00:00
Tactile Switch Footprint Strangeness, Footprint Angles & Logo Symbols00:00:00
Copyright Circle-C and Repitious Silk Screen Texts00:00:00
Importing Graphics to Make Footprints & Symbols00:00:00
Editing Footprints Directly On The PCB.00:00:00
LPC51U68JBD48 Breakout Board Epic KiCad Layout Deep Dive00:00:00
Fixing a Soldermask Problem On My LPC51U68JBD48 Breakout Board00:00:00
Comparing Soldermasks from OshPark & PcbWay00:00:00
Creating a Custom Title Block With The Page Layout Editor00:00:00
Exporting Gerbers And Ordering From PCBWay00:00:00
Project Templates00:00:00
KiCad 5
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  • Circuit concepts