IoT / M2M part 3

  • Course level: Intermediate


IoT / M2M Part 3

Internet of Things (IoT) testing ensures performance, reliability, and quick time to market by testing Internet of Things devices and networks at various stages of the product lifecycle. IoT will have an impact on all industries and, in the end, on everyone’s daily lives. Expectations for Internet of Things devices and networks are quite high in terms of dependability, performance, quality, and long-term availability.

Wireless communication is a key component of the Internet of Things’ success. Cellular technologies, such as the 4G-based LTE-M and NB-Internet of Things technologies, as well as 5G in the future, will be used for Internet of Things applications that require global coverage and mobility. Others will rely on low-power WAN technologies such as Sigfox or LoRaWAN, which operate in unlicensed bands. The bulk of people will employ short-range or mid-range weapons.

Who should take this course: 
students, programmers, and technical designers are all involved.

What Will I Learn?

  • Do you know what the Internet of Things is?
  • Create a IoT applications.
  • IoT testing
  • IoT implementation
  • Designing an appealing dashboard for a variety of applications

Topics for this course

6 Lessons

The power of testing IoT devices in all phases of the product lifecycle

Multi-domain Debugging of embedded IoT Devices00:00:00
Turnkey EMC and antenna test center from R&S improves time to market of wireless smart meters00:00:00
IoT and over-the-top (OTT) applications – how to quantify signaling impact and power consumption00:00:00
WLAN 802.11ac Technology Introduction and Measurement Solutions00:00:00
RF measurements for near field communication (NFC) with Rohde & Schwarz oscilloscopes00:00:00
WLAN 802.11ac measurements using the R&S®FSW signal and spectrum analyzer00:00:00

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