Introduction to Operating Systems complete guide

  • Course level: Intermediate


Operating systems (OS) serve as a vital link between a computer’s hardware and the programs that run on it.

It enables us to write programs without having to worry about hardware. It also guarantees that the computer’s resources, such as the CPU, hard drive, and memory, are used effectively. In this course, we’ll look at how the operating system accomplishes all of this while being efficient. This is an introductory course for students who have some computer organization experience.

The course is built on the xv6 operating system, which is similar to Linux in many aspects.

TARGET AUDIENCE M.Sc./B.E. (Computer Science)

Operating Systems Course Layout

Week 1: Introduction to the course
Week 2: Memory Organizing
Week 3: Processes
Week 4: Interrupts and Context Switching
Week 5: Planning
Week 6: Synchronization
Week 7: Deadlocks
Week 8: Security of the Operating System

Topics for this course

29 Lessons

W1 L0 – Intro to the Course

W1 L1 – Introduction to OS00:00:00
L2 PC Hardware00:00:00
L3 – From Programs to Processes00:00:00
L4 – Sharing the CPU00:00:00
W2 L1 Memory Management Introduction00:00:00
W2 L2 Virtual Memory00:00:00
W2 L3 More on Virtual Memory00:00:00
W2 L4 Segmentation00:00:00
W2 L5 xv6 Memory Management00:00:00
W2 L6 PC Booting00:00:00
W3 L1 Introduction to Processes00:00:00
W3 L2 Create Execute and Exit from a Process00:00:00
W3 L3 system Calls for Process Management00:00:00
W4 L1 Interrupts00:00:00
W4 L2 Interrupt Handling00:00:00
W4 L3 Software Interrupts and System calls00:00:00
W4 L4 CPU Context Switching00:00:00
W5 L1 CPU Scheduling00:00:00
W5 L2 Priority based scheduling algorithms00:00:00
W5 L3 Multi-Processor Scheduling00:00:00
W5 L4 Scheduling in Linux00:00:00
W5 L5 Completely Fair Scheduling00:00:00
W6 L1 Inter Process Communication00:00:00
W6 L2 Synchronization00:00:00
W6 L3 Software solutions for critical sections00:00:00
W6 L4 Bakery Algorithm00:00:00
W6 L5 Hardware Locks00:00:00
W6 L6 Mutexes00:00:00
W6 L7 Semaphores00:00:00

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