International Technology Management

  • Course level: Beginner


International Technology Management

Hello and welcome to this course on International Management!

Globalization and multinational corporations are terms very common nowadays. Since industrialization, we have become more and more international. So, international management is a very important topic for all companies which want to expand to new markets.

In this International Technology course, we will deal with the big questions that concern international management. These are: Why, where, how, and when? Every international expansion needs profound decisions in these four areas. What are your motives for international expansion? Which countries should you choose? Which entry mode will work for you? And how fast will you go international? You’re going to learn how to answer these questions for your company.

The second section of this course deals with managing multinational companies. You’re going to learn which strategic options exist, how to structure a multinational firm, how outsourcing and offshoring works, and how your institutional environment should be managed. So, which cultural, legal, and political aspects do you have to know and possibly influence?

You see, international management raises a lot of questions you need good answers for. Going multinational are not just several repetitions of your domestic market. And there are lots of mistakes you can make. In this course, you’ll gain the knowledge you need to minimize mistakes and maximize your success in foreign markets.

So, let’s get started – see you in the course!

Who this International Technology course is for:

  1. Managers and entrepreneurs who want to go global.

What Will I Learn?

  • You will be able to understand what a multinational enterprise is and how firms become multinational enterprises.
  • You can identify the main steps to follow when elaborating an internationalization plan.
  • You will be able to recognize the peculiarities of managing a multinational company.

Topics for this course

24 Lessons

Seminar – Edge Computing and the Evolution of AR/VR

Seminar – Dr. Atsunori Kanemura, Chief Research Officer and Chief Scientist, LeapMind00:00:00
Seminar – Current Status of tinyML and the Enormous Opportunities Ahead00:00:00
Seminar – Federated Learning in Medicine: Breaking Down Silos to Advance Medical Research00:00:00
Seminar – Edge Computing in Autonomous Vehicles00:00:00
Seminar – New Chip Technologies for AI and for Asia: the Edge is Where the Action is!00:00:00
Seminar – Promise of 5G Wireless – The Journey Begins00:00:00
Seminar – The Future of Edge Computing from an International Perspective00:00:00
Seminar – How is AI Evolving? A Look at the Startup Landscape in the U.S. and Asia00:00:00
Seminar – Autonomous Driving: AI’s Biggest Endeavor00:00:00
Seminar – The Emergence of AI in Chinese Smart City Development00:00:00
Seminar – Robosion: Software Platform for Lifelike Humanoids00:00:00
Seminar – AI Systems and Visual Intelligence at the Network Edge00:00:00
Seminar – Virtual Human Agent for Smart City00:00:00
Seminar – Smart Physical Systems from the Standpoint of an AI Company00:00:00
Seminar – Overview of AI in Smart Physical Systems00:00:00
Seminar: How China Aims to Achieve Environmental Sustainability00:00:00
Seminar: Startups with Energy and Environment Solutions for China Market00:00:00
Seminar: Modular Mass Tansit System00:00:00
Seminar: Startup Ideas from the Philippines/SE Asia00:00:00
Seminar: The Surprising Impact of Privacy Policies and Crowdsourcing00:00:00
Seminar: Micro-algae Oil Cultivation00:00:00
Seminar: Rise of Renewable Energy Sources in Japan00:00:00
Seminar: CEPT: A Startup Company’s Solution for Desulfurization and CCS in China00:00:00
Seminar – Yobie Benjamin of Avegant00:00:00

Enrolment validity: Lifetime