Inspection and Quality Control in Manufacturing

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In this Inspection and Quality Control in Manufacturing course, part of the Principles of Manufacturing MicroMasters program.

you will learn how to analyze manufacturing systems to optimize performance and control cost. You will develop an understanding of seemingly opaque production lines with a particular emphasis on random disruptive events – their effects and how to deal with them, as well as inventory dynamics and management. Learn more about Quality Control


What Will I Learn?

  • Applications of basic probability models
  • Building and solving optimization models
  • Inventory dynamics and management
  • Philosophy behind the Toyota Production System (TPS)

Topics for this course

20 Lessons

Inspection and Quality Control in Manufacturing

Introduction: Fundamental concepts of quality, inspection and their role in manufacturing00:00:00
Need of Inspection: Types and Principles00:00:00
Destructive Inspection-I00:00:00
Destructive Inspection-II00:00:00
Testing of Composite Materials00:00:00
Nondestructive Inspection- Visual Inspection00:00:00
Dye Penetrant Inspection00:00:00
Magnetic Particle Inspection00:00:00
Eddy Current Inspection00:00:00
Ultrasonic Inspection00:00:00
Acoustic Emission Inspection00:00:00
Radiography Inspection00:00:00
Leak Testing00:00:00
Thermographic Nondestructive Testing00:00:00
Advanced Nondestructive Testing Techniques, NDT Standards, Safety in NDT00:00:00
Engineering Metrology- Linear Measurement00:00:00
Angular Measurement and Measurement of Surface Finish00:00:00
Screw Thread Metrology00:00:00
Gear Measurement00:00:00
Miscellaneous Measurements00:00:00
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