Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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This Innovation and Entrepreneurship course seeks to introduce the concepts of enterprise, innovation, small business, and their interrelationships. It aims to provide a guide to the key facts, ideas, theories, and thinking about enterprise and innovation, to look at their relationship to small businesses, and to consider the methods that are taken to promote and finance them.

The word enterprise is used in a variety of contexts with a wide range of meanings. Within this range, there are narrow meanings of the word specifically related to business and there are wider meanings indicating a way of behavior that can apply in a variety of contexts, including business. The narrower meanings are closely associated to entrepreneurship, and in turn, the concepts of enterprise and entrepreneurship embrace much that would be considered to be expressions of small business activity.

Management research confirms that innovative firms – those that are able to use innovation to improve their processes or to differentiate their products and services – outperform their competitors, measured in terms of market share, profitability, growth, or market capitalization.

However, the management of innovation is inherently difficult and risky: most new technologies fail to be translated into products and services, and most new products and services are not commercial successes. In short, innovation can enhance competitiveness, but it requires a different set of management knowledge and skills from those of everyday business administration.

Who this Innovation and Entrepreneurship course is for:

  1. The program is designed to provide a career development opportunity for practitioners from various backgrounds, to enhance and develop their project management skills in an organizational context.
  2. Students don’t need to have any previous knowledge or experience of business or Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  3. This Innovation and Entrepreneurship course is for those who are interested in entrepreneurship and innovation
  4. Budding entrepreneurs, potential business owners, business studies students who are intending to start their own business and not just read about it

What Will I Learn?

  • 1 - Be able to define innovation in the context of the entrepreneurship process.
  • 2 - Apply various tools, techniques and theories within the disciplines of strategy, marketing, finance, policy and operations to contexts of Entrepreneurship and Innovation.
  • 3 - Evaluate the contribution of firm sizes to the Entrepreneurship and Innovation process.
  • 4 - The identification and analysis of the various factors that innovative entrepreneurs face in developing the idea from inception
  • 5 - An evaluation of policy initiatives that have been developed to enhance Entrepreneurship and Innovation.
  • 6 - Critically evaluate the different theoretical approaches to the disciple
  • 7 - Understand the qualities required to develop Entrepreneurship & Innovation in business.
  • 8 - Critically evaluate the different theoretical approaches to the disciple
  • 9 - Understand the qualities required to develop Entrepreneurship and Innovation in business.

Topics for this course

40 Lessons

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Innovation Business Models and Entrepreneurship00:00:00
Analizing the Current Bussiness Scenario00:00:00
Innovation and Creativity-An Introduction00:00:00
Innovation in Current Environment00:00:00
Types of Innovation00:00:00
School of Innovation00:00:00
Challenges of Innovation00:00:00
Steps of Innovation Management00:00:00
Idea Management System00:00:00
Divergent v/s Convergent Thinking31:02
Experimentation in Innovation Management00:00:00
Idea Championship00:00:00
Participation for Innovation00:00:00
Co-creation for Innovation00:00:00
Prototyping to Incubation00:00:00
What is Business Model?00:00:00
Who is an Entrepreneur?00:00:00
Social Entrepreneurship?00:00:00
Blue Ocean Strategy-I00:00:00
Blue Ocean Strategy-II00:00:00
Marketing of Innovation00:00:00
Technology Innovation Process00:00:00
Technological Innovation Management Planning00:00:00
Technological Innovation Management Strategies00:00:00
Technology Forecasting00:00:00
Sustainability Innovation and Entrepreneurship00:00:00
Innovation Sustainable Conditions00:00:00
Innovation: Context and Patterns00:00:00
SME strategic involvement in sustainable development00:00:00
Insight and Entrepreneurship00:00:00
Management of Innovation, creation of IPR-I00:00:00
Management of Innovation, creation of IPR-II00:00:00
Types of IPR00:00:00
Patents and Copyrights00:00:00
Business Models and value proposition00:00:00
Business Model Failure: Reasons and Remedies00:00:00
Incubators : Business Vs Technology00:00:00
Managing Investors for Innovation00:00:00
Future markets and Innovation needs for India00:00:00
Innovation and Entrepreneurship
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Enrolment validity: Lifetime


  • Second Class Undergraduate Degree or International equivalent or experience