iMachining 3D

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iMachining 3D

This course demonstrates SolidCAM iMachining’s 3D capabilities. See how a Ski Goggles mold made from 16MnCr5 European Steel (155x100x40 mm) using a Carbide Endmill and SolidCAM iMachining’s 3D capabilities. See iMachining cut Toolox 44 (Stock: 200 x 100 mm | Height: 35 mm), 1 setup, and more experiments.


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Topics for this course

7 Lessons

iMachining 3D

CAD CAM Software – 3D Ski Goggles Mold – SolidCAM iMachining00:00:00
CNC Machining – SolidCAM iMachining 3D00:00:00
CAM Software – 3D Mold Part – SolidCAM iMachining00:00:00
SolidCAM – Manufacturing Bicycle Helmet at EMO 201900:00:00
INTEC Manufacturingesson00:00:00
SolidCAM – Multi-Sided Machining of Index Handle00:00:00
Barrel Machining with a Circular-Segment End Mill00:00:00
iMachining 3D

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