IC Engines and Gas Turbines

  • Course level: Beginner


This IC Engines and Gas Turbines course deals with the gas power cycles. One part of the course is on IC engines and it focuses on the thermodynamic cycles for different fuels suitable for automobiles. Another part of the course has an emphasis on the thermodynamic cycle of aircraft engines and the components of the aircraft engine.

Thus this course would provide an understanding of electricity generation or transportation applications using gas as a working medium.

INTENDED AUDIENCE: Undergraduate students of Mechanical/Chemical/Aerospace Engg. (5 semesters onwards) and postgraduate students specializing inthethermofluids/FluidMechanics/Aerospace/Automobiles; industry personnel associated with automobile and aerospace engineering; faculty members associated with Mechanical/Chemical/Aerospaceengg.

What Will I Learn?

  • Week 1: Engine
  • Week 2: IC engines
  • Week 3: Air-standard cycles
  • Week 4: Carburation
  • Week 5: Fuel injection systems
  • Week 6: Combustion in S.I. and C.I.engines
  • Week 7: Introduction to GasTurbines
  • Week 8: Performance analysis ofBryton Cycle
  • Week 9: Aircraft propulsion
  • Week 10: Compressors
  • Week 11: Compressors and Turbines
  • Week 12: Nozzles and Diffusers

Topics for this course

48 Lessons

IC Engines and Gas Turbines

IC Engines and Gas Turbines [Introduction Video]00:00:00
Lec 1 : External and Internal combustion engines, Engine components, SI and CI engines00:00:00
Lec 2 : Four-stroke and Two-stroke engines00:00:00
Lec 3 : Classification of IC engines00:00:00
Lec 4 : Engine operating characteristics00:00:00
Lec 5 : Otto, Diesel and Dual cycles00:00:00
Lec 6 : Otto, Diesel and Dual cycles (Contd.)00:00:00
Lec 7 : Otto, Diesel and Dual cycles ( Contd.)00:00:00
Lec 8 : Comparison between the cycles, Actual cycles and their analysis00:00:00
Lec 9 : Carburetor, Mixture requirements00:00:00
Lec 10 : Carburetor, Mixture requirements (Contd.)00:00:00
Lec 11 : Idling, cruising and power ranges00:00:00
Lec 12 : Idling, cruising and power ranges (Contd.)00:00:00
Lec 13 : Classification, types of nozzles, Ignition system, Battery and Magneto ignition systems00:00:00
Lec 14: SI engine injection systems00:00:00
Lec 15 : Mechanical and electronic injection systems00:00:00
Lec 16: Battery ignition systems00:00:00
Lec 17: Engine friction, Lubrication systems, forces on piston00:00:00
Lec 18: Lubricating oils, Thermochemistry of fuels00:00:00
Lec 19: IC engine fuels – types, requirement and characteristics, Alternative Fuels00:00:00
Lec 20: Combustion in SI engines00:00:00
Lec 21: Combustion in CI engines00:00:00
Lec 22: CI engine injection system00:00:00
Lec 23: CI engine injection system (contd.)00:00:00
Lec 24 : Heat transfer and energy distribution00:00:00
Lec 25 : Cetane and Octane number, Cooling systems00:00:00
Lec 26 : Problems on IC engine00:00:00
Lec 27: Turbomachines, Gas Turbine theory00:00:00
Lec 28: Open Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plant, Twin Shaft Arrangement00:00:00
Lec 29: Closed Cycle, Multi-Spool Arrangement, Steam Power Plant00:00:00
Lec 30: Basic Thermodynamics00:00:00
Lec 31: Brayton Cycle: Introducton and General Relationships00:00:00
Lec 32: Brayton Cycle: Efficiency, Work Ratio and Optimum Work Output Condition00:00:00
Lec 33: Brayton Cycle with Heat Exchanger/ Reheater00:00:00
Lec 34: Brayton Cycle with Intercooler00:00:00
Lec 35: Real Brayton Cycle, Solved Example for Ideal Cycle00:00:00
Lec 36: Solved Examples for Real Brayton Cycle00:00:00
Lec 37: Introduction and Performance Parameters of Propulsion System00:00:00
Lec 38: Basics of Various Aircraft Engine00:00:00
Lec 39: Eular Turbomachinary Equation00:00:00
Lec 40: Introduction and Flow Analysis of Centrifugal Compressors00:00:00
Lec 41: Thermodynamics Analysis of Centrifugal Compressors00:00:00
Lec 42: Axial Compressor: Basics, Velocity triangles,T-S diagram and Work Intraction00:00:00
Lec 43: Axial Compressor: Different factors, Degree of Reaction and Free Vortex Condition00:00:00
Lec 44: Complete Analysis of Axial Flow Gas Turbine00:00:00
Lec 45: Solved Examples for Axial Compressors,Centrifugal Compressors and Turbine00:00:00
Lec 46: Radial Flow Turbine, Solved Example of Free vortex Condition00:00:00
Lec 47: Nozzles and Diffuers: Introduction, Intake efficiency,Nozzle efficiency00:00:00
IC Engines and Gas Turbines

Enrolment validity: Lifetime


  • Basic UG-level Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics