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The only course in hydraulics you will ever need!. This course covers the basics of hydraulic systems.

At the beginning of the course, we will cover how systems function, then we will get to the various fluids that can be used in the hydraulic systems.

After every section, there is a quiz so you can review what you learned and what you should maybe revise again.

The plan is that when you finish this course you will know enough about hydraulics to continue to learn about more advanced systems.

I will be releasing a Hydraulics 102 course very soon which will cover hydraulic pumps, motors, and cylinders in detail. As well as diagrams and schematics.

Who this course is for:

  1. Mechanical engineering students
  2. Mechanics
  3. Hydraulic technicians
  4. Engineering students
  5. Engineers

What Will I Learn?

  • Hydraulic power systems
  • The basics of how hydraulic systems work
  • The basics of work fluids that are used in hydraulic systems
  • The basics of pumps and hydraulic motors
  • The basics of energy converter parameters

Topics for this course

40 Lessons


Introduction to Hydraulics00:00:00
Open Channel Hydraulic Part-100:00:00
Open Channel Hydraulics Part -200:00:00
Velocity and Pressure Distribution00:00:00
Practical use of velocity co-efficient in channel flow00:00:00
Conservation Principles & ioioGoverning Equations00:00:00
Uniform Flow00:00:00
Uniform Flow Formula00:00:00
Computation of Uniform Flow Part-100:00:00
Computation of Uniform Flow Part-200:00:00
Uniform Flow in Mobile Boundary Channel00:00:00
Incipient Motion Condition and Regime of Flow00:00:00
Concept of Specific Energy00:00:00
Computation of Critical Depth00:00:00
Specific Force, Critical Depth & Sequent Depth00:00:00
Non-uniform Flow: Gradually Varied Flow00:00:00
Classification of Gradually Varied Flow00:00:00
Characteristic of Gradually Varied Flow00:00:00
Characteristic of gradually varied flow and its computation00:00:00
Gradually Varied Flow & its Computation00:00:00
Computation of Gradually Varied Flow00:00:00
Gradually Varied Flow: Numerical Methods and Problem Solving00:00:00
Rapidly Varied Flow: Hydraulic Jump00:00:00
Hydraulic Jump00:00:00
Flow Over Hump and Channel Contraction00:00:00
Canal Design-100:00:00
Canal Design-200:00:00
Design of Alluvial Channel00:00:00
Design of Alluvial Channel-200:00:00
Design of Alluvial Channel-300:00:00
Unsteady Flow: Waves and its Classification00:00:00
Unsteady Flow Part – 200:00:00
Unsteady Flow Part-300:00:00
Pipe Flow: Friction Loss00:00:00
Pipe Flow: Losses in Pipes00:00:00
Pipe in Series & Parallel00:00:00
Pipe Network Analysis00:00:00
Water Hammer & Surge Tank00:00:00
Pipe Flow: Friction Loss00:00:00
Pipe Flow: Losses in Pipe00:00:00
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Enrolment validity: Lifetime


  • Be able to understand the basics of fluid mechanics
  • Know English at a medium level
  • Be able to do basic calculus and algebra