Heat Transfer

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This course on heat transfer includes important basic theories and fundamentals. stating from defining heat to view factors in radiation heat transfer

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Heat and energy:

physical meanings, definitions, theories, and real-life understanding

the modes are: 

conduction: conduction in solids and fluids, generalized heat equation, and different scenarios

convection: natural and forced convection mechanisms and boundary layers

radiation: radiation intensity, black body, real surfaces radiation, and view factor

Who this course is for:

  1. engineering students.
  2. science students
  3. people who want to learn about heat 

What Will I Learn?

  • You will learn all the basic fundamentals related to heat and heat transfer.
  • Modes of heat transfer are covered in the very fundamental and profound way.
  • Conduction: conduction in solids and fluids, generalized heat equation,Fourier equation and conduction in different scenarios
  • Convection: natural and forced convection,thermal boundary layers and convection in different scenarios
  • Radiation: radiation theories,black body, real surfaces radiation and view factor

Topics for this course

27 Lessons

Heat Transfer

First Lecture in Heat Transfer00:00:00
Intro Conduction00:00:00
Intro Conduction 200:00:00
1D Steady Conduction 100:00:00
1D Steady Conduction 200:00:00
1D Steady Conduction 300:00:00
1D Steady Conduction 400:00:00
2D Steady Conduction 1of200:00:00
2D steady conduction 2 of 200:00:00
Lumped Capacitance Method00:00:00
Transient conduction spatial effects 100:00:00
Transient conduction semi infinite media00:00:00
Transient conduction using explicit finite difference method00:00:00
Intro convection heat transfer00:00:00
External flow00:00:00
Internal flow 100:00:00
Internal flow 200:00:00
Free convection00:00:00
heat exchangers 100:00:00
heat exchanger 200:00:00
heat exchanger 300:00:00
Thermal Radiation 100:00:00
Thermal radiation 200:00:00
Windows conduction convection radiation00:00:00
Radiative exchange 100:00:00
Radiative exchange 200:00:00
Radiiative exchange 300:00:00
Heat Transfer
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