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You want to study genetics and you don’t know where to start? You want to learn the basics of DNA and genetic-related concepts?

Then this is the video course for you! Learn from scratch and get the basic knowledge easily without too much effort. When it comes to learning, what could be possibly better than a video course where you get the basics in one single course? Let’s get started!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn.

What Will I Learn?

  • Genetics at a basic level.

Topics for this course

58 Lessons


Unit1A DNA is the Genetic Material00:00:00
Unit 1B DNA Structure00:00:00
Unit1C RNA00:00:00
Unit1D Organization and Packaging of Prokaryotic DNA00:00:00
Unit1E Eukaryotic DNA Packaging Chromatin00:00:00
Unit 2 DNA Repilcation Preview00:00:00
Unit 2A Meselson and Stahl00:00:00
Unit2B DNA Replication in Prokaryotes00:00:00
Unit2C Eukaryotic DNA Replication00:00:00
Unit 3 Transcription Preview00:00:00
Unit 3A Prokaryotic Transcription00:00:00
Unit 3B Eukaryotic Transcription00:00:00
Unit 3C RNA Processing00:00:00
Unit 4 Translation – The Big Picture00:00:00
Unit4A Translation – Genes Encode Proteins00:00:00
Unit4B Translation – The Genetic Code00:00:00
Unit4C Translation – Protein Synthesis00:00:00
Unit 5 Prokaryotic Gene expression Overview00:00:00
Unit 5A The Lac Operon00:00:00
Unit 5B Cis&Trans Regulation of the Lac Operon00:00:00
Unit 5C Lac Operon Activation by CAP00:00:00
Unit 5D The Trp Operon and Attenuation00:00:00
Unit 5E Micro RNAs Riboswitches Feedback Inhibition00:00:00
Unit 6 Eukaryotic Gene Expression the Big Picture00:00:00
Unit6A Eukaryotic Transcription Factors00:00:00
Unit6B Epigenetics00:00:00
Unit6C Imprinting + Insulators00:00:00
Unit6D Alternative Splicing00:00:00
Unit6E RNA Interference00:00:00
Unit7A Mutagenesis and Repair DNA Sequene Mutations00:00:00
Unit7B DNA Mutation Germline, Chromsome Breakage00:00:00
Unit7C Chemical Changes in Nucleotides00:00:00
Unit7D DNA Mutation and Repair Mechanisms00:00:00
Unit7E DNA Mutation and Repair DS Break Repair and BRCA Genes00:00:00
Unit7F DNA Mutation and Repair The Ames Test00:00:00
Unit7G DNA Mutation and Repair Triplet Repeat Expansion00:00:00
Unit8A Homologous Recombination00:00:00
Unit8B Immunogenetics00:00:00
Unit8C Transposable Elements00:00:00
Unit9A Genomics00:00:00
Unit9B Biotechnology00:00:00
Unit9C Genetics of Cancer00:00:00
Unit9D Personalized Medicine00:00:00
Unit9E CRISPR CAS900:00:00
Unit10A Mitosis, Meiosis & Mendel00:00:00
Unit 10B Mendelian Genetics00:00:00
Unit 10C Pedigree Analysis00:00:00
Unit 11A Sex Determination and Sex Linkage00:00:00
Unit 11B Variations on Mendelian Inheritance00:00:00
Unit 12 Extranuclear Inheritance00:00:00
Unit13A Linkage and Recombination00:00:00
Unit 13B A Mapping Problem00:00:00
Unit 13C Chromosome Number and Structure00:00:00
Unit 14A Bacterial Genetics Conjugation00:00:00
Unit 14B Hfr Strains and Mapping00:00:00
Unit 14C Transduction and Transformation00:00:00
Unit 15A Viral Reproductive Cycles00:00:00
Unit 15A Viral Reproductive Cycles00:00:00
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