Genetics and Genomics

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Genetics and Genomics

This course takes you through a step-by-step introduction to genetics, starting with the fundamentals and on to more advanced topics including molecular biology, gene mapping, and screening, and reverse and forward genetic research. You’ll learn about what we know about genes and how we use genetics research to learn more about basic biology. This course will lay the groundwork for you to be successful.

Learn how scientists to sequence, assemble, and analyze genomes to determine their function and structure. Learn how to use large-scale population studies to determine the heritability of traits and diseases, as well as how gene discovery might aid in the identification of treatment targets. Examine how personal genomics could help you manage your health.

Gene therapy has the potential to be a game-changer in the fight against cancer, hereditary illnesses, and a variety of other diseases. Decades of progress have resulted in an increasing number of successful clinical trials for the development of safe and effective therapies.

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What Will I Learn?

  • -Gene structure and function, chromosomes, and genomes -How traits are passed down through generations -Molecular biology foundations -Using genetic approaches to investigate protein function, gene control, and inherited disease
  • -Genetic research model species, both existing and emerging
  • Genetics principles, genes, and traits
  • - Genome sequencing uses and implications - How personal genomics may effect healthcare
  • - Methods for assessing the heritability of traits and diseases - Tools for diagnosing and treating diseases

Topics for this course

25 Lessons

Genetics and Genomics

Fundamentals of Genetics: The Genetics You Need to Know1:25
Genomics and the Other Omics1:01
Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology00:00:00
Principles and Practices of Gene Therapy00:00:00
Understanding Cancer at the Genetic Level00:00:00
Stem Cell Therapeutics00:00:00
Laura Attardi00:00:00
Stanford Faculty – Meet Arthur Grossman00:00:00
Stanford Faculty – Meet Monte Winslow00:00:00
Personal Genomics and Your Health00:00:00
Genomics and Personalized Medicine00:00:00
Molecular Genetics I00:00:00
Prof. John Ioannidis on reliability of genetic studies00:00:00
Behavioral Genetics I00:00:00
Stanford researcher explains the science behind Captain America00:00:00
Stanford researcher explains the science behind the Incredible Hulk00:00:00
Stanford Instructor – Meet Barbara Dunn00:00:00
Stanford Faculty- Meet Euan Ashley00:00:00
Stanford Faculty – Meet Kelly Ormond00:00:00
Stanford Course – New Frontiers in Cancer Genomics00:00:00
Webinar: Using Genomics, Wearables and Big Data to Manage Health and Disease00:00:00
Stanford Seminar – When DNA Meets AI00:00:00
Webinar: Diet, Genes and Your Health: Unlock Your Genetic Potential with the Science of Epigenetics00:00:00
Webinar: What’s Next in Virus Detection and Vaccine Tech?00:00:00
Webinar: How CRISPR Is Revolutionizing Cancer Research00:00:00

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