Fluid Mechanics II

  • Course level: Intermediate


In this Fluid Mechanics II course, the students will learn the fundamental principles of inviscid, incompressible two-dimensional flow (in cartesian and rotational reference frames), irrotational flow, vorticity, velocity potentials, stream functions, streamlines, and how to build flows using classical potential flow solutions to Laplace’s equation. Finally the line vortex, and flow around a cylinder with circulation will be presented to give students the basic principles of “lift”.

During the rest of the course, students will be introduced to one-dimensional compressible flow through the nozzles and pipes. Topics in Fluid Mechanics II  covered will include: critical states, choked flow, normal shocks, Fanno flow, Rayleigh flow finishing with the two-dimensional compressible flow, and oblique shocks. The final part of the course will consider fundamentals of flow in open channels including critical flow and the hydraulic jump.


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What Will I Learn?

  • The course will enable the student to:
  • - Derive and understand the equations of motion for compressible and incompressible inviscid flows, use important non-dimensional groups
  • - Calculate potential flow solutions
  • - Calculate compressible flows in ducts and nozzles
  • - Calculate flows with shocks with and without losses
  • - Calculate the flow in open channels
  • - Calculate losses associated with hydraulic jumps

Topics for this course

16 Lessons

Fluid Mechanics II

Fluid Mechanics: Pipes in series00:00:00
Fluid Mechanics: Parallel and Branching Pipes00:00:00
Fluid Mechanics: Centrifugal Pump Characteristics00:00:00
Fluid Mechanics: Series and Parallel Pumps00:00:00
Fluid Mechanics: Dimensional Analysis00:00:00
Fluid Mechanics: Similitude00:00:00
Fluid Mechanics: Dimensionless Pump Performance00:00:00
Fluid Mechanics: Introduction to Compressible Flow00:00:00
Fluid Mechanics: Compressible Isentropic Flow00:00:00
Fluid Mechanics: Converging Nozzles Lesson00:00:00
Fluid Mechanics: Shock Waves00:00:00
Fluid Mechanics: Converging-Diverging Nozzles00:00:00
Fluid Mechanics: Laminar Boundary Layer on a Flat Plate00:00:00
Fluid Mechanics: Turbulent Boundary Layer on a Flat Plate00:00:00
Fluid Mechanics: Drag Forces on Blunt Bodies00:00:00
Fluid Mechanics: Examples of Blunt Body Drag00:00:00
Fluid Mechanics II
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