Fluid Flow Operations

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  • Last Update 23/06/2021


This Fluid Flow Operations course is structured as a MOOCS course for students or junior engineers studying chemical, mechanical or civil engineering.

In this Fluid Flow Operations course, the effort will be made to introduce students /engineers to fluid mechanics by making explanations easy to understand, including recent information, and comparing the theories with actual phenomena. The following features will be included in the course1. Many illustrations, photographs, and items of interest will be presented for easy understanding. 2. Assignments and exercises will be given at the ends of the course lecture to test understanding of the chapter topic. 5. Special emphasis will be given on real multiphase flow phenomena with specific applications

INTENDED AUDIENCE: Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering UG and PG students and Faculty

What Will I Learn?

  • Week 1: Characteristics of a fluid: Fluid
  • Week 2: Fluid statics
  • Week 3: Fundamentals of flow
  • Week 4: One-dimensional flow
  • Week 5: Flow of viscous fluid
  • Week 6: Losses in pipes
  • Week 7: Flow in a water channel:
  • Week 8: Drag and lift and cavitation
  • Week 9: Dimensional analysis and law of similarity
  • Week 10: Compressible fluid flow
  • Week 11: Measurement of flow
  • Week 12: Multiphase flow phenomena and its application

Topics for this course

34 Lessons

Fluid Flow Operations

Fluid Flow Operations [Introduction Video]00:00:00
Lec 1: Introduction00:00:00
Lec 2: Characteristics of fluid-continued00:00:00
Lec 3: Fluid Statics00:00:00
Lec 4: Fluid Statics-continued00:00:00
Lec 5: Fundamentals of flow-Part 100:00:00
Lec 6: Fundamentals of flow – Part 200:00:00
Lec 7: One dimensional flow-Part 100:00:00
Lec 8: One dimensional flow – Part 200:00:00
Lec 9: One dimensional flow – Part 300:00:00
Lec 10: Flow of Viscous fluid-Introduction00:00:00
Lec 11: Velocity distribution in laminar flow00:00:00
Lec 12: Velocity distribution in turbulent flow00:00:00
Lec 13: Boundary layer theory00:00:00
Lec 14: Theory of lubrication00:00:00
Lec 15: Frictional resistance00:00:00
Lec 16: Losses in gematric change00:00:00
Lec 17: Losses in geometric change (continued)00:00:00
Lec 18: Flow Velocity and Optimum Shape00:00:00
Lec 19: Equation of Energy and Discharge of Water Channel00:00:00
Lec 20: Drag00:00:00
Lec 21: Lift and Cavitation00:00:00
Lec 22: Dimensional Analysis00:00:00
Lec 23: Dimensional Analysis: Buckingham’s PI Theorem00:00:00
Lec 24: Law of Similarity and Significant Dimensionless Number00:00:00
Lec 25: Compressible Flow: Part 100:00:00
Lec 26: Compressible Flow: Part 200:00:00
Lec 27: Measurement of Flow – Part 100:00:00
Lec 28: Measurement of Flow – Part 200:00:00
Lec 29: Measurement of Flow – Part 300:00:00
Lec 30: Introduction to multiphase flow00:00:00
Lec 31: Hydrodynamics in multiphase flow00:00:00
Lec 32: Hydrodynamics in multiphase flow-continued00:00:00
Lec 33: Applications of multiphase flow00:00:00
Fluid Flow Operations

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